Next week, Hawkman enters the Shadow Realm with an unlikely ally.

Hawkman’s enjoyed a lengthy rivalry with the Shadow Thief, going way back to the 60s. Of course, in the New 52, that dark persona has taken on a startling new form. The current Shadow Thief is a woman, and her relationship with the winged warrior is a little more complex. Not that anything involving Hawkman has ever been simple. But at least we always knew that dastardly Shadow Thief was up to no good. Now the character’s true intentions are cloaked in, well…



Written by: Tom DeFalco
Art by: Joe Bennett, Art Thibert
Cover by: Joe Bennett, Art Thibert
32 pages/color/$2.99

• Hawkman and the Shadow Thief are trapped in the Shadow Realm!
• Can Hawkman trust this all-new Shadow Thief and her mysterious powers?

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Giant Spiky boots w/ vaguely defined feet? Check.
    Garish Claws? Check.
    Grimace cemented in place? Check.

    Man Hawkman is so 90’s!

    • He borrowed most of that gear from Bloodstrike and painted it gold. I dig the aggressive look on him but miss the iconic spiked mace.

  2. The cover art, interior art and premise all look and sound good, I think this will be the 1st Hawkman issue I’ve bought since Geoff Johns Hawkman #1, couldn’t get into it back then but the creative team,JSA and other appearances combined with what I know about him now are why that Geoff Johns run is in my omnibus collection years later. This change looks solid but I thought this was a guaranteed cancelled title?

  3. Jerry Ordway can’t get work and Tom DeFalco can? I guess it’s all up to who you know in the industry.