PREVIEW: Soldier Zero #1 from Stan Lee, Paul Cornell, and Javier Pina

When Boom! Studios announced their new line of books that featured story and character collaborations with the legendary Stan Lee, the two books that I was most excited about were The Traveler with Mark Waid and Soldier Zero with Paul Cornell.

Below you can check out the first five pages of Soldier Zero #1 along with one of its seven covers.

Soldier Zero #1 hits stores this week!


  1. I like the cover design "template" Its a refreshing departure from the usual. The comic looks ok…it doesn’t really look like anything new or exciting to me…just consistent and expected. 

  2. "What–What is this?" Just like EVERY other origin story.

  3. Is Stan actually providing ideas for these collabs or is it just his name on a banner?

    It would be cool if he was.