PREVIEW: Secret Avengers #25

Here are 2 things I know about the creators on this comic book. Rick Remender loves to put punk rock references in his work, and there are Descendants in this. Also Gabriel Hardman makes books better when he draws them than when he doesn’t.

Hey look! Pages!

Rated T+…$3.99
FOC –3/19/2012, ON SALE – 4/11/2012


  1. Venom is also a white blonde dude let’s remember. Who has that whole Venom story played out btw? Last time I was reading the suit had a limited usage period before it permenantly bonds. Has that not worn out now? Should he not be all tongue and drool?

    Anyway I like the usage of Widow and Hawkeye on the team. I like the idea of an Avengers X-Force. However this isn’t quite that is it. Human Torch and Captain Britain don’t really fit that dynamic at first glance. Want to see how this plays out but I’d prefer to see some more covert themed characters fill those slots.

    Venom has been great since Flash started donning the costume and this seems like a smart extension of that government agent thing.

  2. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Little widows growing from the back? Gross!

  3. …ALL!

  4. I like it.

    Plus: Jim Hammond? Cool!

  5. I like that they’re ahead, even though SA #24 hasn’t come out yet. I really hope Remender/Hardman is a creative team for the long haul, after this AvX thing

  6. I love this book. Remender’s touch on it was good right away w the point one issue consisting of a one issue story of Cap America testing Hawkeye (w/out him knowing of course) and was a good intro to why he’s the new squad leader, then the next cpl issues were solid dialogue and intense action moments w heart. Love the unusual roster and conversations between them. Although I don’t feel Valkyrie suits a black ops squad and should bring Moon Knight back w a cool stealth suit he can switch into anytime since his solo book is ending and looks good in contrast amongst the others and gliding sequences at night w him and his cape like Batman make for eye candy panels.

  7. they are throwing down with freddy krueger?