Preview: QUANTUM & WOODY #1 Has Goat

James Asmus writes, Tom Fowler draws, and then a whole bunch of others provide covers, because that’s what happens.

This is another case of me not knowing anything about the source material, because I never read any of it. But that’s fine, because this is Valiant’s clean slate, and as they have done for many other of their resuscitated properties, they can do it right.

Anyway, we’ve got to wait until July to see the full issue of new Fowler interiors, but is that guy peeing in the sink or just checking out his junk in the mirror?

There’s that goat again.


  1. Finally, I was wondering what that evil Goat was all about. I may actually check out Q&W because the premise sounds interesting and there’s slot of buzz, but none of Valient’s other series have impressed me enough to actually buy yet.

  2. Valiant has been publisher of the year for me. I have been utterly impressed with the quality of writing and art in their books. Shadowman is probably my least favorite but I’d still probably give it a consistent 4/5…it’s just that the other titles i.e. X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot, and Archer & Armstrong have been SO good, all getting 5/5 from me nearly every issue. I know the titles aren’t creator-owned or whatever, but man do these books feel like the creators are really getting to flex their creativity.

    So all that said, this book seems really silly from the outset, but I’m definitely checking it out just on my current faith in Valiant alone right now. They haven’t done me wrong yet.

  3. Goats are the new gorillas in comics.

  4. They look like blue Deadpool and Johnny Cage, give it a shot for Fowler art

    • This was my exact thought, right down to Fowler’s art being my main reason for giving it a shot. His work on Hulk: Season One and Venom were just fantastic.

  5. “is that guy peeing in the sink or just checking out his junk in the mirror?”

    Clearly he’s peeing in the bath tub!

    I loved the original Q&W, being one of the five people in the country who read it. As long as they do as great a job as Priest and Bright did balancing the drama with the comedy, this should be aces.

  6. This looks fun. Were the old volumes any good?

    • Yes. They’re a bit 90s, but not probably the way you’re thinking of when that term is invoked in a comics discussion. Woody has a mullet, Quantum has pouches, but it’s lacking the EXTREME!!!ness of 90’s comics as it was very much a buddy comedy, and while there are some pop-culture references that are dated, the characters are complex, intresting individuals and it pokes fun at a lot of superhero tropes but not in an overly obnoxious “Boy superheroes sure are dumb!” type fashion. They’re all on Comixology if you’re really curious.

    • Quantum and Woody was also way into non-linear comedy well before Arrested Development was.

  7. That preview worked. I want to read this!

  8. It looks fun and like flakbait said, if they do a great job balancing the comedy with the drama “this should be aces”
    I dig all those covers and are all from some of my favorite cover artists or artists in general. I personally want the Marcos Martin retailer incentive cover & if Ryan Sook’s cover is standard then that’s fine too.

  9. I bought the Original out of curiosity. this looks just as good… This totally going to be my kind of book