PREVIEW: Predators #1

The Predators film opens in July, but Dark Horse is ahead of the game with their weekly Predators series, acting as a prequel to the film.  It would seem that this is almost yawn inducing news, but you can't argue with the talent involved in this one.  The movie is produced by Robert Rodriguez to start (check out the cast! Trejo! Goggins!), but the book is written by Marc Andreyko and David Lapham, and I think it's pretty good looking, with pencils by Guilherme Balbi and Gabriel Guzman.

See for yourself.


Look for it on June 9.


  1. So…. is it a comic that’s already out? It seems like a movie that’s being based on a comic that’s just about to be released.

  2. Read the words I wrote.

  3. is it just me or is that adrian brody in those pics?

  4. Oh it’s a prequel. I misread that. My bad.

  5. @kenzaburo that is because adrian brody is in the movie.

  6. It does look pretty good.