PREVIEW: New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes #1 – Act 4

When Archie Comics set out to launch the latest chapter in the legacy of the super hero line of Red Circle Comics, they did it in a forward thinking manner.  Earlier this month, Red Circle Comics kicked things off with New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes and a digital first approach to releasing the comic.  Each week, a new act is released containing 6 pages digitally.  By the end of the month, you’ve got 24 pages of super hero action.

Today marks the release of Act 4, bringing continuing the first installment of New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes #1. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at some of the action from Act 4 below.  If you like what you see, you can check it out on the Red Circle App on iTunes or go to the Red Circle Comics website.

Here’s the full description of the series:


Red Circle Comics presents the New Crusaders: Our world demands heroes – a new generation must RISE! Over a decade ago, the super hero team known as The Mighty Crusaders did the impossible: they won. Successful in their battle against evil and finding they’d made the world a better place, the heroes settled down to the small town of Red Circle to start families, unwind and take a much-deserved rest. When the quiet town is rocked by the return of the ultimate evil, the super hero residents are obliterated!  It’s up to their heirs to fight for justice and crusade against evil. They are our last, best hope. They are: THE NEW CRUSADERS!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Ben Bates, Gary Martin, John Workman, and Matt Herms
Cover: Ben Bates



  1. You know the thing about a somewhat fresh universe?

    It doesn’t suck yet.

    It pulls you in, lulling you with that sense of optimism.

    Like Beethoven in springtime, with all the flowers blossoming.

    And then they just reach right into your chest and pull your heart out.

    Yes, I will probably buy this.

    One more time.


  2. I’ve been trying to figure this out. Is this comic digital FIRST, or digital ONLY? If the former, when will the paper copy be coming out?

  3. I pre-ordered the print copies from my retailer when this was announced. Looking forward to it!

    My retailer has a poster for the series that looks great.