PREVIEW: Mirror, Mirror – with Commentary by writer Josh Williamson

Look for Mirror, Mirror, one of the first books from new publisher, Kickstart, written by Josh Williamson (Superman/Batman #77), with art by Lee Moder.

The basic premise is that the mirror from Snow White's story is real, and very powerful. It's been shattered, and the race is on to get all the pieces together.  It's good vs. evil, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Writer Josh Williamson has provided us with plenty of looks, and some behind the scenes images and commentary.  Check it out!


And now some special glances at some of Lee Moder's artwork behind the graphic novel, with writer Josh Williamson.

Here is a little bit of Lee Moder’s process from Roughs, to pencils and then to the colors. As you can see Lee doesn’t deviate much from his initial thumbnail. If you look at Lee’s pencils they are super clean. Almost as clean as inks. This is one of my favorite pages in the whole book. You can tell that Mason and Owen are eyeing each other down, but then Owen is busted by someone behind him… an ex lover he ditched. The busty red head’s name is Ginger Glory. This is the second time Ginger has appeared in a story I’ve written. Bonus points to anyone who can find her other appearance!


Our hero, Owen Grimm, I based off of Leonardo Dicaprio in The Beach.

He’s the screw up son of two world traveling adventures and I wanted a cocky kid who you could tell by looking in his eyes was up to no good, but with a smile that would charm you. I didn’t want him to be super buff or look like a guy who you’d expect to be a world traveler. I wanted a normal looking kid who you could easily believe could get into something that over his head.


Then came Sally. Sally can be a bit uptight at times and a bit of a know it all, but it’s just a front for girl who wishes she wasn’t stuck in a classroom and wants to be out in the field on an adventure. She went though a LOT of changes, I think she’s had every hair color possible, but eventually for reasons we’ll get into in the book, she was made a brunette.


Jessica and Carter Grimm… Owen’s parents. Imagine if Indiana Jones and Lara Croft got married. Jessica needed to look regal and yet still tough, she’s a mom and yet still rocks the tank tops and short shorts. For Carter I wanted a mix of Indiana Jones and Oliver Queen.  Indiana for the adventurer aspect and Oliver Queen because of my obsession with all things Green Arrow.


Professor Joseph Hart used to live for adventure, but now likes to sit in front of the fireplace with a good book. He’s a member of the Huntsman and Carter Grimm’s best friend. He need to look a bit stuck up, but still a guy you could trust.


Lee did some quick studies on Snow White as we tried to stay away from the Disney version and create our own. For obvious reasons we didn’t want to tread on their ground… too much.


The rest of these were mental workouts to help Lee nail particular panels and costume changes. One of the things I loved about working with Lee was his ability to design some very cool elements and artifacts. Like the last thing on these pages is Lee’s design for the golden goose!



Thanks so much to Josh for this inside look.  You want to check out Mirror, Mirror? Pull it! It's in stores today!


  1. And… add to wishlist. I still don’t much understand the story, but the art’s pretty enough to justify a buy

  2. Really enjoyed Williamson’s issue of Superman/Batman and this looks promising as well. And the process junky in me is quite grateful for the look behind the curtain. 

  3. My LCS had this in today, but I completely spaced on picking it up. Will definitely get it when I come in next week.

  4. It’s really cool to see the process broken down.  That’s why I love so much of the backmatter in other comics and collections.  Really fascinating stuff.  Thanks for this.

  5. Oh my. How do you not buy this?