PREVIEW: Loeb and McGuinness Bring Back NOVA Once More

When Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness work together, there’s a special kind of magic that just works. But will that magic still be around for Nova #1? The only thing that’s come and gone more than new Nova series is Red Hulk’s mustache.


This isn’t Rich Rider though. No, no. He’s old and therefore useless. This is Sam Alexander, who is young and vital.


Anyway, here’s your preview of the issue, which is out on February 20.


  1. The important thing about this book is that it establishes that Principal Strickland is in the Marvel Universe. Canon!

    • I like Back to the Future as much as the next guy – in fact I watched it On Demand this weekend – but Marvel’s getting a little out of hand with this lately.

  2. “You’re a slacker, Nova!”

  3. McGuinness keeps getting better and better. I wish he would work with more writers though.

  4. I hope this is actually good because I’m diggin’ the art. In my opinion, Jeph Loeb has a terrible track record. For every Spider-man Blue, he has a 3 Red Hulks. I like the idea of a young Nova but I’m not optimistic with this one.

    Though, I got to admit who ever is in charge of hiring inkers and colorist at Marvel knows their stuff.

  5. Also, the vertical integration to the current Spider-man cartoon where that is Nova’s alter ego. Marvel loves to tie everything together doesnt it?

  6. Quite looking forward to this. McGuiness can do no wrong (X-Sanction notwithstanding).

  7. Marvel will have no choice but to bring back Rich Ryder, soon. How can someone named “Sam Alexander” be a decent Nova? Alexander’s name is not even alliterative!

  8. I wanna get this book but every time I see Jeff Loeb’s name the first thing that comes to mind is that awful Ultimatum series.

  9. I loved D!A’s cosmic run and really want this to be good, I have faith McGuinness will bring out the best in Loeb, he may have a lousy recent track record but has done some great stories in the past and think this type of story,characters and timing may be the right time for him to bounce back. Also if Guardians of the Galaxy is good it can coalesce with Nova.