PREVIEW: Ka-Zar #1 from Paul Jenkins and Pascal Alixe

I'll admit that when I saw it, and I saw the names attached, I thought this was a joke. But last year, I thought Matt Fraction's Detroit Steel April 1st announcement was a joke too. As my colleague Jimski said, "if you have to question it, that's not a good sign, either way." I may be paraphrasing.

This is a tough property to get moving in today's market, so it's a choice I didn't see coming. It'll be a 5 issue mini series, priced at $2.99. Ka-Zar #1 will be out on June 8, and will feature the Savage Land under siege, and Ka-Zar and Shanna to kick them out.

Now you know.




  1. That cover is horrible.  But the art in the rest of the book looks great. Will buy this.

  2. doesn’t appeal to me- but hey if they can move Conan books- why not?

  3. I usually like jenkins, but I have no real interest in Kazar and I don’t like this art. I’ll be passing ont his one. But it’s nice to see marvel giving some other characters a shot.

  4. The art style is different.   Not to my personal taste, so I’ll be skipping this one, but I’m sure some fans will be loving it.

  5. Bizarre! This appears to be SOOOO out of tune with which properties the broader market’s looking to buy! I could see a small publisher grabbing big name talent for a tarzan-clone story, but in what crazy world does a Kazar series fit into Marvel’s publishing plan? The Rocket Racoon/Groot series couldn’t even find the light of day under its own cover for crying out loud! I’m sure the creative team will do their best, but color me puzzled…

  6. @rwpos  Marvel seems to be stretching out and taking some chances. A manga style story about a teenage girl in school on a tennis scholarship is being solicited in previews this month.