Preview: THE HYPERNATURALS #8 Gets Wet

It’s like Waterworld, but way more interesting! Are you still with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s The Hypernaturals? Particularly if you enjoyed their Marvel cosmic work, you’d be missing out.

The next issue is out next week, and the art is from Tom Derenick and Andres Guinaldo, with Stephanie Downer on colors.


  1. Anyone else feel like the word balloons feel like they were oddly pasted in afterwards? Just looks odd.

  2. Hypernaturals is such a great title. It’s exactly what I’m not getting from LoSH (and I’ll wait and see how GotG turns out). There’s some pretty interesting SF ideas mixed up in a team superhero book. The bad guy is classic.

    • Agreed.
      Like the best Science Fiction it just starts in the deep end, fleshing out the larger universe as you move through the story.

      And Sublime is a great villain.