Preview: HELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH #2 Creeps Me Out

I’m not a horror guy. Never have been. These covers alone creep me out. So I assume that if you are a horror fan, this is doing it for you. And I’m cool with that.

The story is by Brandon Seifert, the art is by Tom Garcia, and the book is on stands next Wednesday from BOOM! Studios.


  1. Heard some good things about this book, so if I can find issue #1 then I’ll pick up #2 next week.

    The cover with the female Pinhead is beautiful.

  2. Good to see Brandon Seifert getting work. Wish he was taking over Swamp Thing next month.

  3. Seifert is a long time Hellraiser guy, so you know this series is bound to be amazing.