Preview: Havoc Brigade OGN

I can’t remember a time when I wouldn’t rather have been in a mech suit.

That’s just the way with out species. We’ll only ever truly be comfortable in our birthday suits or under several layers of Adamantium, Plasteel and Ceramite. We are born not to run, but to lumber. Or to soar. And obliterate. It is our way.

Next week, suit up for Studio 407’s Havoc Brigade. The new OGN from Neal Marshall Stevens and John Bosco serves as your front row pass to the end of empires and the genesis of mechanized combat. It’s the classic conundrum: How does a being bred and hardened for war assimilate in a time of peace? Can a human dynamo ever truly come to rest, achieve solace, and cease in his momentum toward total destruction?


Written by Neal Marshall Stevens
Art by John Bosco

In the near future Europe is a war ravaged wasteland locked in decades of conflict, but a new hope comes with the creation of an elite squad of man-powered machines – the HAVOC BRIGADE!

After ending the war and bringing a new era of peace to the world the Havoc Brigade is forced into retirement. But when the former commander steals the military’s latest Havoc-class prototype and murders the only ones that can stop him, the flames of war begin to rise again.

Sergeant Barnes the only other surviving member of the Havoc Brigade must now go toe-to-toe with his mentor and stop him from leading terrorists in igniting another world war!

Find out more in this special preview of Havoc Brigade. For an expanded sneak peek, check out the Studio 407 website. Havoc Brigade hits stores on September 19, 2012!


  1. I’m not a fan of that cover but the insides look great. the colors look very military but fresh and the story has me hooked already. It really makes me want to read it and have someone write a “war machine” Brigade/Giant Men “Ultimate Comics” story.