PREVIEW: Green Wake #8

One of the most interesting and unique new titles to come out in 2011 has been Green Wake from Image Comics.  Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe, joined with dynamic artist Riley Rossmo to give us one of the more chilling horror tales in recent memory. Readers who have been on board with Green Wake from day one have been nothing but rabid for each new issue to see where the story will lead. If you haven’t experienced Rossmo’s unique art style, as seen on Cowboy Ninja Viking and Proof, then you’re in for a treat as Rossmo is one of the most unique artists in comics, with a compelling and engaging art style, like no other artist out there.

Green Wake #8 hits comic book stores tomorrow, 12/28/11, and we’ve got an exclusive, extended preview.  Here’s here the solicitation information:

art / cover RILEY ROSSMO

32 PAGES / FC / M

After the horrific murder of one of Green Wake’s most elusive citizens, a new organization emerges in open rebellion against the followers of Micah. While the opposing sides clash, murders continue to surface with no suspect in sight.

Check out this 9 Page Preview of Green Wake #8:


  1. I believe I’ll be picking up 6-8 when I get to my LCS tomorrow. I read Vol.1 tpb last month and have been itching for more!

  2. A few weeks ago, over 1,200 readers of this site bought Animal Man. You guys are loving Swamp Thing, too. There’s clearly a lot of interest in horror-tinged books, so you should definetly check out Green Wake. Wiebe is writing a great story here, and Rossmo’s art and colors are incredible and original. CHECK THIS OUT!

    • Well the art is pretty awesome from this preview and the writing looks solid…its a deal, good sir. I will give it a shot! Image is really starting to chip away at the DC lead on my pull list.

  3. My lcs was out of #8 BUT there was a copy of #6 which is the beginning of this arc so that worked…more importantly…WOW….I am really blown away…it’s dark creepy yet strangely eloquent. I am def on board!