Let it be said that even if it is the penultimate issue of the series, Frank  is going out in style. On the back of a dead horse. Hell, next month’s he’s riding a rocket hurtling towards the earth (what we in the business call a Dr. Strangelove)!

Anyway, here we are at the conclusion of the two-part Rotworld tie-in with next week’s Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #15. Rallying a legion of the patchwork undead, Frank and his crew are laying waste to, well…waste. Listen, I don’t care who you are; anything with something called the “soul grinder” for a MacGuffin is worth your time. And don’t let cancellation keep you from checking out the last of these monstrous adventures.

It’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Alberto Ponticelli, Wayne Faucher

Color/32 pages/$2.99

• Frankenstein vs. the last of the Colossi for possession of the soul-grinder, Victor Frankenstein’s unholy machine of destruction — but it’s the only hope against The Rot!

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. This book was easily the most pleasant surprise of the New 52 for me. It was great with Lemire writing it and Kindt didn’t miss a beat. Ponticelli has been wonderful on penciling duties. I’ll definitely miss the series and if anyone’s thinking of picking up the trades, I highly recommend them.

    • I concur. One of the few New 52 that I still look(ed) forward to each month.

    • Come on Man ??? I have read comics for 32yrs off and on and I’m a huge DC fan till the end. The art work and the writing was outstanding and something totally different for DC. This character and story line is a cross between Conan and “House of Mystery” stuff. I really hope DC does’nt let this stuff die, at least reincarnated somewhere.

    • It was a real surprise to me how much I enjoyed it. I had seen DC’s version of Frankie years ago, but this comic gave him new life (pun intended). Really sorry to see it go.

  2. I’ve read some good reviews of this title and while I never picked it up, it’s definitely got my attention and will give the trades a try.

  3. I don’t wanna beat a dead horse*, but… I also dig this book; I think Matt Kindt raised the bar, and I will miss it when it’s gone.

    *Sorry, Paul.

  4. Last issue was great. Its a shame to see this book go.

  5. I heart this book. It’s even better now than when it started.