PREVIEW: Cyclops and Wolverine Get Miffed in X-MEN: SCHISM #1

We're gonna call with "Quiet Riot at Xavier's." Because there's no word balloons, you see. 

This is where it all goes down, the beginning of the end for Cyclops and Wolverine's uneasy friendship. Marvel provided us with this preview of X-Men: Schism #1 from Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco. Terrorism and public speaking collide, and in the fallout, nothing will ever be the same. Ever. 

Look for X-Men: Schism #1 on July 13th. 


  1. Oh snap I just finshed the roit at xaivers too. I love how Aaron and Remender are going into the back catalog and getting old charaters. I hella cant wait for Schism. Sign me up

  2. I’m looking forward to reading it but am way not a fan of that art.

  3. @Elwapo: Is that one of Quire’s men? I loved that storyline!

  4. That’s Quentin Quire himself.

  5. Awesome, let’s turn an interesting, multidimensional character that had a perfectly bittersweet ending to his character arc into the next mustache twirling paper-thin supervillian.

  6. cannibalskunk- That could be the case.

    Although I never thought Quentin’s story was quite over- hard to say it’s bad wihtought dialogue.

  7. Wasn’t Quire used in Phoenix: Endsong too? So it wouldn’t be his first return.

  8. Does no one else think that whoever inked and colored this ruined pacheco’s art?

  9. @rift1128 

    His art has definently looked better.

    Still excited to read this series though.

  10. Oh yippeee!! Despite working together in the same team, with gruding respect, for decades of reader time (that prolly like 3 weeks marvel time), consistently putting their lives and well being in each other’s hands, Wolverine and Cyclops decide that they dont like each other anymore. 

    Wow, can they give us a more boring, un-interesting premise…….one that doesnt involve vamipres I guess I should add.

  11. LOVE the art. Pacheco is a favorite of mine and mixed with Aaron’s writing I am really, really excited about this.

  12. @cannibalskunk: You are making a big assumption in panels with no words to them.

  13. @keith7198  I’ll second that. I’m actually really digging the art here.

  14. @goblyn27- I’ll second that. Seems like every time i turn around theres a status shift with the x-men. I liked the school aspect and I actually like the nation-x aspect but they need to pick one and stop being so predictable

  15. Dear god people, YOU HAVEN’T EVEN READ IT YET!

  16. @jashcraft1014  Thank. You.

  17. Lookin forward to this. Although I will say Pacheco’s looked better. But ya can’t tell much from these pages. Bottom line: if it’s Aaron and Pacheco, it’s a no-brainer. Bring it on!

  18. glad to see Quintin back. Seems like Marvel just erased most of Morrison’s run, forgetting that the dude introduced some facinating characters and concepts to the x-men.

  19. I was proud of myself for remembering Quentin’s name.

  20. I like how Paul can bring so much snark to his Marvel written articles, and so much forgiving to his DC written articles.  Quite the consistent talent.

  21. @Kickass – Reality (or lack there of) is in the eye of the beholder. You prove this more than anyone round here, dude. 😉

  22. It’s certainly the end of one thing as Uncanny X-Men is ending in October.