Preview: Catwoman #18

When Selina wants to get the Batman’s attention, even in a time of grieving, she knows just the right buttons to push. Purrloining some of his favorite paintings for one. As for playing hard to get? How about a high speed motorcycle chase?

Tag along next week as Selina gives chase in Catwoman #18.


Written by Ann Nocenti
Art and Cover by Raffa Sandoval, Jordi Tarrogona
32 pages/Color/$2.99

• Guest-starring Batman!
• In the fallout from “DEATH OF THE FAMILY,” Catwoman and Batman spend a night at the museum—fighting over stolen art!

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Boy, I wish Tony Daniels was doing art on this book. That cover’s nice. Then again, I wish they hadn’t pulled Winick and March off the book.

    • i totally agree with that, i was loving this book under Winick.
      Nocenti is just killing me these last few issues

  2. Another “Goddammit I have to write about the stupid death of Damian, why didn’t DC just leave Damian out of the New 52 altogether!” book.