Preview: CATWOMAN #16

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Or so they say.

The shadow of Eclipso looms ever large over the DC universe, and next week Catwoman could well serve as his dark agent in the waking world. Hired to snatch a mystical artifact, Selina finds herself taken with the awesome power of the Black Diamond and all the wonders of the storied Black Room archive. Maybe too taken.



Written by Ann Nocenti
Art and Cover by Rafael Sandoval, Jordi Tarrogona
32 pages/Color/$2.99

• Catwoman is possessed by the power of Eclipso!
• Selina may be able to fight her way out of the Black Room, but what will be left of her soul if she does?
• And find out the shocking identity of the person who hired Catwoman to steal the diamond in the first place!

Now, how’s about an exclusive preview?



  1. Is that…is that tentacle smacking her on the ass? Come on guys, we’re better than this.

    • It’s written by a woman, everything is ok now. At least she’s not having sex with batman or unrealistically bursting out of the cover. The world is safe again.

  2. Please get Nocenti off this book.

  3. I really enjoyed the previous creative team, I dropped it when the new team took over. From the sales numbers it looks like I’m not the only one.