Judd Winick, Marcus To, and Ryan Winn bring you the #0 adventures of the Batman of Africa, and here’s your first peek at the first four pages.

Word has it that big Bruce himself shows up too. Look for Batwing #0 September 5.


  1. Hey, anybody who reads this book. Worth jumping on?

    • I like it a lot, but Winick is leaving soon (not sure when) so who knows what will happen after that. The first year has been solid.

    • Definitely worth going back to pick up the previous issues digitally.

    • It’s been one of the brighter spots in the new 52. The first story was pretty dark at times so if you’re after something like that then this book is great. I suggest you pick up the trade to get the first arc if you decide you’d rather not jump on at #0.

    • I agree with everything said. Winnick’s writing is authentic – you can tell he did his homework, and he treats the characters and their culture with the appropriate respect. The first arc had GLORIOUS art by Ben Oliver. The book is a little less wonderful without him, but still a good read.

    • I’ve really enjoyed this series and think there is a lot potential for Batwing as a character. I’m Hopeful that Winick’s replacement continues the excitement. Although Marcus To’s art is different compared with Oliver’s, I think it compliments the story Winick is telling.

    • Great book.

    • Yeah, I’ve been reading since Issue 1 and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it. I’d like a bit more discussion on the ethics of being an African superhero and so on, but the character development has been solid and the book has been consistently pulpy and exciting. I’d recommend looking into the first six issues at least.

    • Thanks for the input, guys! Think I’m gonna grab the back issues digitally.

  2. The first 6 issues were great. Seriously. It’s been really schizophrenic since then–but kind of in a good way. A weird unpredictable mixture of stereotypical good vs bad guys, mass slaughter and espionage/intrigue. Sometimes all in the same issue.

    I keep reading it because it keeps my interest. You just can’t guess what will happen next–sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s a hiccup.

  3. The first arc, where we first meet David and his brother was very good, and I’ve been hooked ever since. While Batman has obviously influenced David becoming Batwing, his crusade and the reasons he is Batwing are authentic, African themes and causes, which is refreshing. Giving Batwings the jetpack and “wings” was a good choice, too, since he can traverse great distances. It seems they really put a lot of thought into the character, his gimmicks, and background. I’ve honestly enjoyed him. I was very sad that the JLI was cancelled, since he was a good fit for that group.

  4. I think the team on Unknown Soldier should have taken over. U.S. was such an amazing series…. dragged on at the end but the beginning was awesome.