Summer is here and it’s also in Riverdale! I didn’t know that Riverdale was on the water, but yowza, that sure is some beach. I don’t blame Archie for getting a bit…distracted.

But he can’t get too distracted because this issue of Archie Double Digest #230 has got 160 pages of Archie fun ranging from bees (beads? no, bees) to the downer of a summer job.  We’ve got a taste of the fun that you can check out below.


The Andrews have a little problem… A lot of little problems, in fact, that can fly and sting! When Mary discovers a bee hive in the backyard, the men of the house do their best to calm her fears (it could have been yellow jackets!), however when the bees become too much to handle, who can the family turn to for help? Read “Buzz Words” and discover the answer for yourself!

Summer is fast approaching and, as per usual, Archie needs extra cash! What follows next is a series of Archie testing out a variety of odd jobs figuring being self-employed is the way to go. But what will Archie decide when he gets a generous offer from Mr. Lodge himself? No doubt there’s always a catch when Veronica’s father gets involved in “Work Quirk”.

Script: Mike Pellowski
Art: Tim Kennedy
Cover: Dan DeCarlo
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 6/20
160-page, full color comic
$3.99 US


  1. Is that Tigra under the Beach Umbrella?

  2. Archie is my hero. He gets all the chicks.