PREVIEW: Archie and Friends Double Digest #16

Archie and friends take to their super hero identities in the next issue of Archie and Friends Double Digest, issue #16, to take on…The Dude! Now, I know this isn’t a crossover between Archie and The Big Lebowski, but how cool would that be?

Check out this preview of Archie and Friends Double Digest #16:


Evilheart and Pureheart may have met their match when they take on The Dude! With a trick cane and a cunning criminal mind to his advantage, The Dude keeps the duo at bay until he has them right where he wants them! Will the super teens manage to bring the jewel thief to justice or will they fall prey to the dastardly evil-doer?

Script: Frank Doyle
Art: Bill Vigoda, Mario Acquaviva
Cover: Fernando Ruiz
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 5/30
160-page, full color comic
$3.99 US.


  1. This guy is most certainly not Dude-worthy. What an imposter!

  2. Dudes do not say “Tally Ho.” I think they meant to call him The Dandy.