Bring out yer dead!

I’m no doctor, but my prescription for most of what ails you is to not live in the past, least of all Victorian Gotham. It’s just a bad idea, and you’re much better off in the future. Not Gotham. Pretty much anywhere else. This week, Jonah Hex and Doc Arkham find themselves shin-deep in moldering Gothamites, each corpse more ghoulish than the gargoyle overhead. This is the story of the man at the center of the epidemic, of a man who sought to murder an entire city.

Meanwhile, did you know there was a Stormwatch agency in the 19th century? Bet your bonnet there was!



Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Moritat
Backup Art by Staz Johnson
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
40 pages/Color/$3.99

• Gather round for a lesson in the terrible secret history of Gotham City with Jonah Hex!
• Hex and Doctor Arkham are at the forefront as a disease threatens to destroy part of the city. The patient survival rate is looking pretty grim…
• Plus: In the backup story, meet Jenny Freedom and the StormWatch of the 19th century!

Now, how’s about that preview? Can’t wait to get some more of dat Moritat!


  1. Havent picked this up in a while. Started out really enjoying Moritat’s art but liked it less and less with each issue.

  2. Every month I will this book to be better that it will inevitabley be. Jonah is one of my fav comic charactors of all time, and this just doesn’t feel like Jonah to me.
    Plus Arkham adds nothing important to any of the narratives that this book has so far presented.

  3. This issue looks great!

  4. Arkham pls go

    • Gotham pls go.

      I just dropped this book. The more he stayed with Arkham and in Gotham, the less he’s felt like Hex. It just seems like they’re shoe-horning him into the DCU with a crowbar. I much preferred Jonah out on his own with no relation to DCU. Plus, since dropping Vertigo, the character has been way watered down.

  5. Stormwatch is ok……but a time traveling Booster Gold would be better.

  6. I for one really dig this series. True, there have been some low points, but last issue was freaking good. I’m an old Jonah fan myself, so I hear the pleas of returning to his lone wolf element. That said, this is still highly entertaining.