Preview: ACTION COMICS #19

As Grant Morrison matriculates to Multiversity, he leaves Action Comics in the capable hands of Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel. Today, DC released a sneak preview of this new chapter in Superman’s ongoing journey in the New 52. And all of a sudden we’re thinking Big Blue is in league with Blue Steel. We can practically hear Tom Waits bellowing “Way Down in the Hole” from here.


Written by Andy Diggle
Art & Cover by Tony S. Daniel
Color/40 pages/$3.99

• Welcome the new creative team of writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony S. Daniel!
• Inside the nefarious mind of Lex Luthor, who bares his scars—but how did he get them?
• Luthor’s plan to eradicate Superman may make Kal an alien pariah!
• The Oracle awaits at the edge of the Solar System to pass judgment on Superman—and he is not alone.
• You won’t believe who comes calling on the final page!

From the looks of things, Superman might be teaming up with Frank Sobotka to take down the robotic loaders threatening to supplant Baltimore’s weary stevedores. At least that’s my read on these images. You can judge for yourself.

Either way, Tony Daniel has upped his game on this one. If any year’s gonna be huge for Superman fans, it’s this one. Here’s hoping they give it all they’ve got. Blue Steel, gentlemen.

Now, about that preview…

Get with The Greek on April 3rd with Action Comics #19.


  1. NIce…looking forward to this!

  2. 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    It looks freaking sweett!!!

  3. “I didn’t throw the first punch… but I’ll throw the last.”

    That’s the best understanding of Superman’s character I’ve seen since the relaunch.

    • JMS actually had this great Babylon 5 line where the main character says “my father taught me that i should never start a fight, but i should always finish it.” that always sounded like something Pa Kent said.

  4. Glad to see Tony Daniel back doing what he does best- creating amazing action and mayhem. I am actually more excited for this than the Snyder/ Lee series.

  5. Looks promising. I’ll check it out.

  6. I know a lot of people like Morrison but he just doesn’t do it for me. Glad I can start pulling Action again. Love Tony Daniels art.

  7. “He’s got the fire and the fury
    At his command
    Well ya don’t have to worry
    If you hold on to Superman’s hand

    We’ll all be safe from Darkseid
    When the thunder rolls
    Ya gotta help me keep the devil
    Way down in the hole.”

    Looks great. I might pass on this though. Not really a Superman guy. I was here for Morrison. I’ll check out the first issue though.

  8. SPOILER ALERT: The day is saved by Clark’s lawyer, Steven L. Miles, aka Super-Duck.