Preview: 7 PSYCHOPATHS #1 by Fabien Vehlmann and Sean Phillips

It's 1941 and London is in flames. As you may have guessed it's those rotters the Daleks nazis again.  Something's got to be done. Hitler's got to get dead, and though many have tried, they've all failed miserably. Enter seven plucky lunatics who think they've got an advantage over all the rest. They've long since lost their marbles, and really never wanted anything to do with them in the first place.

Boom! Studios presents the English translation of Fabien Vehlmann and Sean Phillips' 7 Psychopaths, first published in French back in '07.  Think Ocean's 11 and Inglorious Basterds and It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and those army bits of Monty Python forced out the hatch of a Handley Page Hampden over the skies of Berlin, knives in their teeth and danger in their hearts.

Here's a preview (We recommend reading Major General Hemington as Graham Chapman):


The first of three mentally disturbed installments hits the shelves this Wednesday.


  1. Yes please.

  2. Is this a mini or an onging?


    the Tiki 

  3. Disregard my above statement.  I just saw the single line of copy after the preview.  OK, I’m in.


    the Tiki 

  4. FYI 

    The French edition is part of a series by different creative teams (each volume counts 54 to 62 pages):

     1 Sept psychopathes 05/2007

    2 Sept voleurs 09/2007

    3 Sept pirates 11/2007

    4 Sept missionnaires 03/2008

    5 Sept guerrières 05/2008

    6 Sept Yakuzas 09/2008

    7 Sept Prisonniers 02/2009


    Details in French: 

  5. @Hanpansu-Correct me if I’m wrong or if I’m missing something, but is that to say that approximately 406 pages comics are translated and condensed to just three 22-page issues.  Thats crazy.  Culture Shock!?!

  6. OK…sorry

    This first mini-series is just vol.1 of the seven volume epic…very cool.

    nevermind my confusion.

  7. ooOOooo that’s the good Sean Phillips too!

  8. @ed Example of ‘bad’ Sean Phillips please?

  9. I ordered this on a whim due to Philips and the story description, but now seeing the preview I’m so glad I took the plunge as my LCS may not have any for the shelf.  Looks aces.  Had no idea it was a translation though til now.

  10. Indeed.