Pictures from the 2010 Isotope/iFanboy Tiki Tour!

WonderCon is always a crazy weekend, and it's usually because of the social events that we co-sponsor with Isotope. Whenever you see anyone dragging their ass on the con floor it's usually because they were out way too late the night before and there's probably rum still coursing through their veins.

The Friday night event was the traditional Tiki Tour, in which a band of brave drinkers try to hit as many of San Francisco's many tiki bars as they can before their livers give out. This year the special guest was Dave Johnson (that's him in the giant mustache) and it had a pirate theme. When hundreds of people descend upon a bar, most of the dressed as pirates, you really start to feel like a marauder.






  1. Methinks the camera had one too many.

  2. Awesome pics. I wish I was there :-(. I aslo wish this worked on the IPad.

  3. *sigh* i wish i was there. San fran is on my short list of US cities to visit. Maybe next year…

  4. @Rchapoteau

    Yeah, next time, there should be a link so any iPad users could open up Flickr and check it out instead of the Flash widget. 

  5. These pics tiki me pink!

  6. Link added.

  7. Complete with Drunk-o-vision. Now we know what it’s like to be Conor.

  8. @i206: Especially after a Scorpion bowl.

  9. Why did Josh get a mohawk?

  10. Josh didn’t go to Wondercon

  11. Tiki Drinks are the devil!  They’re sweet sugary taste makes you believe you will be okay…

    …you will not be okay.

    The Tiki Tour was awesome just as it was last year.