Phil Noto Wins Art: Inhumans 1968

So here I am compiling sketches for tomorrow's Weekly Sketch Up, and I click on Phil Noto's Tumblr, expecting to see something cool, as usual.

Then I saw this piece, and I just gasped. You have to be kidding me. He's doing comic book art as photojournalism. He put a story with it, and it's like nothing I've ever seen. So instead of hording it for tomorrow, I'm giving this piece its own post. What I love about Noto's art is that he's working in a style that no one else is even close to, while impressing with the visuals and telling a story all at the same time. As far as I can tell, he's doing these for fun.

He even went so far as to include some text from Hank Pym himself.

From the Hank Pym Photo Archives- “So Reed and Sue decided to throw a dinner party to welcome the Attilan Royal Family to New York. It was quite the to-do. Just about everyone in the hero circle was there. Black Bolt, Medusa, et al. were a bit surprised I suspect, but very appreciative. I got some nice shots of the budding romance between Medusa’s sister, Crystal and Johnny Storm. I think Sue may have introduced them before but the “sparks” were definitely flying that night. 

 Black Bolt seemed a bit stoic and standoff-ish, not really mingling, but since apparently a single utterance would level a couple of city blocks, I guess you couldn’t blame him. I think everyone was slightly in awe of him, as he had such a regal presence. Janet, of course, seemed to hit it off with him as I spied the two them later in the evening tucked away in a corner “talking” about who knows what.” – Henry Pym


  1. The eye contact in that first panel is mesmerizing. 

  2. Genius. Simply genius.

  3. I need more of this in my life. Phil Noto is unbelievable.

  4. You shouldn’t just stop on this one.  His “Janet and Jean” and his “Reed and Sue” ones in the series are jaw-dropping excellent as well!

  5. Good gravy, that is fantastic!

  6. simply fun to look at.

  7. Wow. How bad do you want an OGN that’s just Hank Pym’s photo album, with little blurbs like this throughout? Make it happen, Marvel, and Nake Nine Noto!

  8. I love the sense of depth in that first panel.  Phil Noto’s truly in a class of his own.

  9. Mad Men meets Marvel

  10. “And then later, after the fancy party, I went home and beat Janet. A lot.” – Henry Pim

    Somebody had to say it.

  11. Argh misspelled Pym!

  12. People need to let that “wife-beater” shit go. It was a couple of issues 30 years ago, part of a story where he’s having a mental breakdown. No, the mental breakdown does not absolve him of anything, but that small portion of the characters legacy shouldn’t define him either. Bendis brought it to the forefront, few people had thought about before he did. It’s time to stop thinking of Pym as only that.

    • “The Ultimate’s,” Hank Pym was smackin’ his ole’ lady around pretty bad(not to mention inducing an anaphylactic coma via his ant army) A whole freakin-LOT more recently than 30yrs ago. That’s not just a couple incidents there, hoss. That there be a multiverse-WIDE, pattern! lol
      Once a piece-o-shit, wife-beater, ALWAYS a P.O.S. wife-beater!

  13. @k5blazer  It certainly wasn’t like anyone had forgotten before Bendis. You don’t forget something like that.

  14. Noto is awesome. So glad I got a sketch from him at SDCC.

  15. This should not only be a book, it should be a VH1 behind the scenes documentary of the Marvel greats.