Peter Parker has fallen on hard times

Looks like Spider-Man has turned to robbery.

That’s some great surveillance video.


  1. she bought todd mcfarlanes spiderman #1 for two dollars? did i see that right?

  2. Part of me can’t help but go…”Well Bravo!” Where else but a comic store could you walk in as a character and not be looked at as suspicious? I doubt you could walk into Barnes and Noble as Shakespeare and pull a snatch and grab.

  3. That’s genius.

  4. I’m pretty sure that a guy in a mask should get a suspicious look in any shop, comics or no.

    The worst part about this is that it just proved that terrible article we posted here a few days ago about guys in the comic shop dressed up. Damn it!

  5. But now we know that guys go into comic shops dressed up not to buy things, but to case the joint.

  6. Yeah. I’m not sure what to think and/or feel about this.

    Part of me feels bad for the owner, but the side of me that’s peeing in its pants its laughing so hard tends to drowned everything out.

  7. Can’t you guys tell from the bad costume that this is just J. Jonah Jameson paying someone to frame Spidey so he can continue to slander our friendly neighborhood web-slinger in the editorial columns of the Daily Bugle!?

  8. Did you know some comics can be worth as much as TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?!?!

    Also, water is wet.

  9. Thank you, Capt’n Obvious.