One of the best pair of graphic novels I have read in the past few years are Persepolis and Persepolis 2.

From France comes the film adaptation and it looks absolutely beautiful.

Marjane Satrapi’s tale is fascinating and heartbreaking but also full of warmth and hope and humor. I cannot recommend those books enough and this film looks like an excellent adaptation (Satrapi is the co-director of the film). At a time with Iran in the news everyday, this film is probably a must see.

Absolutely fantastic animation.


  1. just read this book in my graphic novel course, it’s fantastic.

  2. wow, that trailer just told the entire story!

  3. –just read this book in my graphic novel course, it’s fantastic.–

    You’re taking a graphic novel course, jestergoblin? How cool! Where?

    I teach high school English, and I’m pushing to get a graphic novel-based course going as well.

  4. I’m at Bentley, outside of Boston.

    The reading for my course consists of: Comics and Sequential Art by Eisner, Understanding Comics by McCloud, Maus, Contract with God, Persepolis, Moby Dick by Schwartz and Giordano (awful), City of Glass and Caricature.

    It’s… weird. I’m the only kid who actually reads comics in the class and having to write essays about what makes a comic good can be difficult because I’m at the point where it’s more of I just know.

  5. Wow! That looks really good. I love that they matched the animation style to her drawing style. Definitely am going to check this out. I’m buying the Complete Collection that just came out for peeps this Christmas, so that should help put a few more people in seats.

  6. I first read Persepolis because an Iranian teacher assigned it for class. Made for some very interesting discussion to say the least. Am absolutely thrilled for this movie.

    Do you know if they are translating it or do I have to read subtitles for an adaptation of a book I already read? Irony anyone?

  7. I am really liking this because my family is from Iran and went through the same things as her.

  8. I caught a screening of this at a film festival. It’s pretty damn good. They pulled some really great tricks to make the art style really work on screen.

    Cincinnatus: it’s probably going to stay French.

  9. I am a 38 year old Iranian woman, the same age as Marjane. When I saw the film, it made me cry, because I could feel all of it. It is such a realistic movie, and I am so proud of Marjane that could show what happened to our generation. The film is the voice of many women like me. During my life in Iran,many oppresion happened to me.I always dreamed to do something about it but I couldn’t. I am so happy that she could reflect it. Thank you Marjane. We are proud of you.