Pay Attention! Comics News Round-up 08/02/10

-Soundtrack New feature! Maybe! While reading this morning's links, you should listen to this episode of the Inkstuds podcast featuring Frank Santoro, Brandon Graham, and Michael Deforge. If you time it just right, the words here and their words will sync up and your brain will open up and bam, you're in the Supercontext like in the end of The Invisibles. Either that or you hear a really good conversation while reading about really cool comics stuff.

Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey

-What Kind of Mickey Mouse Organization Goes To Disneyland? The biggest news out of San Diego Comic-con isn't what you thought it was! Fantagraphics publishing Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse is the biggest news from the con by far, I'd say. Douglas Wolk speaks with Gary Groth and they try to show you exactly why this is a big and cool deal. Fantagraphics has carved out a pretty solid niche for classic reprints, and Gottfredson's strip is one of those lost classics no one ever really talks about. It's not as squeaky clean as Mickey is these days, and it's from a time when Mickey Mouse was exponentially more malleable. I'm excited, and you should be, too. Chris Mautner at Robot 6 goes over Fantagraphics's upcoming books, too.

-Boy Stop Paul Pope, Nathan Fairbain, First Second: Battling Boy. Who else is glad this book actually exists? No commentary needed here, just click through and check out the pages. Maybe it'll be out in 2011?

Dean Trippe's Arsenal-Sometimes They Got It Coming David Wolkin started a brand new sketchbook. Normally, it isn't notable when a comics fan starts a sketchbook. I mean, people do that all the time, who cares? Leigh Walton's Tintin sketchbook is fantastic, but that's about as far as it goes. But but but… Wolkin's Rise of Arsenal #3-themed sketchbook is one of those mean and funny things that almost make bad comics worth it. He only has a few sketches thus far, but hey! All of them are worth it.

-Wolkin Tall In other Wolkin news–he interviewed Cameron Stewart for Comics Alliance. It is mostly about his upcoming work on Assassin's Creed for Ubisoft, but there are a few good digressions and explanations focused around his craft.

-Post SDCC Thoughts Lauren Davis points the way to Dylan Meconis's SDCC 2010 sketchbook. Erika Moen provides some guest art, too. This is really fun, and a peek behind the table at a convention, something that I'd wager 90% of con-goers never experience. I've sold books for friends at a few cons, and it's always an interesting experience. It totally adjusted how I approach conventions and what I do in Artist's Alley. Sometimes it's like working retail in a store where no one wants to come in. Other times, it's like hanging out with old friends. And at still other, darker times… you've got whiskey in a flask and you make a party of it. If you have friends who make comics, ask to help them out. If you're going through Artist's Alley, be nice. If you're reading this post right now, go read the sketchbook.

-On The Flipside The novelist/blogger/writer Sarah Kuhn was at San Diego, too, and shares her experiences. Her highlights are pretty high, I've got to say. And while the dominant meme coming out of San Diego this year is "The movies ruled the roost," Sarah kinda proves that there's still plenty of comics to be found in San Diego.


-emc2k Ed McGuinness has one more issue of Hulk before he's off to different pastures. The preview proves that McGuinness is absolutely sick as an artist. I'm pretty much down to read anything he draws, and I've liked most of the past couple years of Hulk, Red Hulk and all. Wanna fight about it?!

-Who Would Be The Space Cletus Van Damme? If this Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors series by Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin is essentially Guy Gardner as Vic Mackey In Space… I can't even begin to tell you how sold I am on that idea. I like the preview and I'm not even really a Green Lantern guy.

Moto Hagio

-Garrity x Hagio Shaenon Garrity interviews shojo manga legend Moto Hagio for TCJ. If you aren't familiar with her work, and that's entirely fair since she's been somewhat underrepresented in the States thus far, check out her Wikipedia page. I have yet to pick up her new book out of Fantagraphics, A Drunken Dream, but it's definitely on the list.

-Old Folks' Comics Here's a look at some older properties that have been or are being given new life, courtesy of Dark Horse. Dan Nadel at Comics Comics takes a look at John Carter of Mars, and CBR interviews Paul Tobin over a new Robert E Howard anthology series. While a lot of the racial subtext of Robert E Howard's work pisses me off is a little uncomfortable, it's tough to deny the appeal of a shirtless loincloth guy with a big sword who stabs monsters. I'm curious to see how Tobin and the new gang handle the characters. John Carter of Mars always interested me, though I've read none of it. It always sounded like a slightly more modern version of Conan versus Martians, and I can get down with that.

Meredith Gran's Octopus Pie

-What A Great Title For A Book Matthew Brady reviews Meredith Gran's Octopus Pie: There Are No Stars In Brooklyn and digs it. You can read the strip online for free, but the book looks pretty good and I'm totally in love with that title. I'm not familiar with the book, but the shots that Brady posts and his review pretty much sold me on it. Well played.

-Matt Brady Bonus Brady pulls a page out of James Stokoe's Orc Stain #4 and falls in love. Spoiler alert: me too.

David Brothers isn't that good… all of the rest just rap wacker. He writes for 4thletter!


  1. I recently ordered and read Octopus Pie, it’s fantastic. One of the best webcomics about, and a beautiful book for your shelf. Highly recommended!

  2. I am waiting for my John Carter – expect it to be great.

    Everyone should be reading Ork Stain, it is all candy…one look and you will be stuck.

  3. Mickey Mouse is the biggest news of the con?  More like biggest FAIL.

  4. That doesn’t even make any sense, either as a sentence or an opinion.