First Look: ‘300’ Trailer

Thanks to The Dude for pointing us to the very first trailer for the adaptation of Frank Miller’s epic OGN 300.

I have no idea how this is going to play out with the masses, but I’m pumped.


  1. This sounds pretty awesome but I can’t see it because I don’t have the right plugin or something. Does anyone know of another version?

  2. it looks awesome. hopefully its not a joke like all star batman

  3. Have you read 300?

  4. i read it recently. the trailer gives me hope that this may be as good as the last frank miller adaptation but they’re obviously going to add a lot more stuff because the book didn’t have enough to fill a movie. still very excited about this.

  5. 300 is my favorite Frank Miller work ever. Yes, more than Dark Knight.

  6. Well then. After seeing that trailer – and Josh’s comment – it seems I have a new book to read.

    Who wants to send me a copy?

  7. I’m just teaching the Battle of Thermopolyae (can’t spell to save my life) and the 300 in class, so the trailer will be a nice visual to add.

  8. wow, that was pretty exciting. I can’t wait.

  9. Awesome! It’s finally online.

    I saw this back at SDCC. Along with the Spider-Man 3 trailer. By the end of Hall H’s presentations, I was fanboying the hell out.

    This trailer made me freak out and pursue a copy of the OGN for my bookshelf.

  10. If anyone is still having problems with the plugin, you can view it at ifilm. It�s smaller, but it�s better than just hearing it.

    I just got my copy of 300 yesterday and I will be reading it over the weekend. I can’t wait. The Spartan King’s voice is intense. I am excited.

  11. I didn’t like 300 all that much. Maybe it’s due a re-read, but at the time I remember finding it quite dull.

    The trailer looks great though, despite what look like a coupl eof dodgy special effects (the wolf)

  12. thanks dave

  13. Huh. I didn’t think the trailer looked that good. It was a lot of guys running in the desert.

    Not that I won’t see it. I’m sure I will, but it didn’t look that special.

  14. They yanked it. Can anyone find a mirror?

  15. ifilm took it down as well.

  16. My bad, I just searched for it I didn’t watch it

  17. That was a pretty loving recreation, and it looks pretty cool. Clearly I have no consistency of opinion on these adaptations. The trailer did give away some moments, as most trailers do now.

  18. so this died last week, so what. I just finally read 300 today and it was really great. I’m really excited for the movie.

  19. I’ve been trying to find it but so far I’ve had no luck

  20. it seems to be fairly easy to find digitally if you are so inclined. It’s really good

  21. The official teaser is out now: