Huge Online DC Comics Archive

Not sure of the legality of this, but there is a huge collection of mainly DC comics online for you to easily download from. I know there’s a lot of debate about reading comics online, but if you’ve never read the first Justice League of America, or the old silver age Flash issues, this could be a good place to check them out.

Like I said though, not sure of the legality aspect, so let’s also see how long this stays up…

If you have time, read the site’s “About Us” section, where they print their mission statement. They believe the focus of their site is to be able to flip through an old copy of a comic to aid in your purchase of that comic for your collection. I don’t know if they’re sincere about that, or if they’re using it to justify the legality of the site, but either way, it’s interesting.


  1. You’re gonna need this program to view any of the comics you download.

    Uh, alledgedly.

  2. Someone should do this with Marvel. Where the comics are like, you know, good.

  3. It’s not there now…

  4. wow, that was fast

  5. Not fast enough!

    (That’s not a confession and is not admissable in court)

  6. its back up

  7. you can just change the file extension to .rar, decompress, open, and flip the pages of free and hopefully legal comics

  8. yarr! Avast!

    It’s loading reeeeeeeeeeeeally slow.

  9. Well I am currently far from the US on a Navy vessel. Can’t give any more details than that until I get back, but I have been to some extremely cool places in the past couple of weeks. Lets put it this way, I thought I was in an episode of “wild on” last night.

    Back to the point. Digital comics are all I have access to. I have an external HD with about 50 GB worth of comics on it. I’ll never get through them all but I can read the random comic any time. I did bring Kavalier and Clay with me (bout 1/2 way through it now) so I’m looking forward to being able to get the escapist when I get back to the US in a little over a month from now. I’ll be about 8 weeks behind when I get home. Won’t be able to hear a podcast until then either. The net on board ship is slower than dial up.

  10. We’ll miss you Hulk. Stay safe. There’s a bit in K&C you might find yourself relating to right about now.

    But that sounds like the perfect reason to need digital comics.

  11. And podcasts.