1. I loved the demon logo, but well, just have to get used to this one i guess..

  2. Its a beaut!

  3. i like how its used on the covers.

    that laughing face thing was always pretty cool so it will be missed.

  4. I love the owl logo but the whole thing together feels a bit too crowded. Im sure i’ll get used to it though

    • You see an owl? I had to look for that. I see a quarter of a face.

      Don’t confuse the trade dress with the logo itself.

    • on second look, now i’m a bit confused. What is the actual lockup for the logo? Is it the trade dress thing with just the website in there instead of issue #. I dunno that’s congested.

      I like the detail of the quarter face with the new Oni lettering next to it. I’d like to see that isolated in its own lockup (if that is to be the main logo)….and then the promo piece/ad they are showing changes it all up as well. Yeah they have lots of ideas here. Would like to see more of the identity system for this.

    • @ 1st I saw an owl an what appeared to be a ballsac in the lower right corner but nah it’s a quarter of a face

    • You guys are totally right, it’s part of the original face. But from now on, I will probably always just see an owl… :S

  5. Not to be a nitpicky asshat (but I am) – but they got a black & a super-black fighting at odds in that logo.

    Otherwise, I like it. Knee-jerk reaction is that it’s almost a little busy, but I like that the middle section can house the tagline or an issue # & info, & that the website is incorporated.

    Seems like the trend is now to become more corporate/mainstream-looking both here & at DC.

  6. Does anyone else see a chicken?

  7. I like the use of the little triangular bit at the bottom when used in the “revolutionize” ad, and I get that it adds a “word balloon” feel to it, but… as a cover dress, that point at the bottom makes the logo feel to me like it’s unstable — like a top balancing on its point.

    But in general I think it’s pretty decent.

  8. I gotta be honestly, the drawing part of the logo isn’t great. Because I kept seeing the ‘Chicken With Boobs’ image for a while, until my brain clicked that was seeing half a face with a big cheek and a dot on his forehead.

    Its not good when your logo doesn’t read instantly.

    Also, I feel the entire logo is too large and boxy for its one good. The original ONI logo is a lot more elegant.

  9. eh, old one was better.

  10. I like it

  11. I saw a face from the beginning but I see what everyone is seeing. I think I prefer Dave Gibbons version better.

  12. Ok DC has one & Oni has one now. just waiting for Marvel to redesign its own logo as a response.