Oni Press Announces Holiday Sale (And International Shipping)

Great news for any one who is a fan of the great work that Oni Press puts out, and also for those are are curious but have never tried their books:

Oni Press has announced a big holiday sale on their website! Selected graphic novels are 30% off until December 31, 2009.

Oni Press Holiday Sale

(Also of note is that Oni Press is now offering international shipping on their books)

What books are on sale, you ask? Here a but a few:

Apocalipstix Vol. 1

Black Metal Vol. 1

Blue Monday Vol. 1

Crogan's Vengeance Vol. 1

The Damned Vol. 1

Frumpy the Clown Vol. 1

Local – Deluxe Hardcover

Love Fights Vol. 1

Madman Vol. 1

Maintenance Vol. 1

North World Vol. 1

Queen & Country: Definitive Edition Vol. 1

Queen & Country Vol. 1-7 Hardcovers

And many more! There's a lot of great stuff in there, and if you've ever been curious about some of the many Oni Press books that we've talked about over the years, now's the time to take a look!


  1. Time to go grab some Queen and Country.

  2. I bought Crogan Vengeance a couple of months ago (Its still in my growing unread pile), but Black Metal looks cool.  Has anyone read it?

  3. Done.

  4. ooOOoo

  5. Wasteland book 1 is also on sale for $8.37. Looks like Local hardcover is out of stock though.

  6. Not to be a negative nancy, but Madman, Queen and Country, Crogan’s Vengeance, and Local are cheaper on Amazon year round (though not by much), and using the proper linkage, you can support iFanboy in the process…

    Anyone who hasn’t read Local really needs to. The production value on that hardcover is as good as, if not better than, your average Absolute and about a third of the price. It’s also a great book to give to people who aren’t interested in comics. 

  7. linked: http://www.onipress.com/

    i agree, the sales arent really that good compared to amazon.com. and it seems they dont combine shipping because the S&H price goes up the more you add books.

  8. Crogan’s Vengeance and Black Metal both rock! (no pun intended)


    Still waiting/hoping for a volume 2 of Black Metal.


    the Tiki 

  9. @ Slockhart: What does this mean?

    and using the proper linkage, you can support iFanboy in the process…

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @HailScott – Go to Amazon through iFanboy and the site gets a commission. You can use the portal in the iFanboy store and then save that to your bookmarks. 

  11. Thanks, Paul! You guys should really publicize that fact more often. I just spent a few hundred $$ through amazon buying Christmas presents, and I would have loved to have done it through here to support the site. Spread the word!

  12. Yeah, i’ve never heard of this "Amazon Link" before. Seriously, i have to buy books for the libraries here, You guys could have made millions!!

  13. @AlanRob~  I really enjoyed Black Metal.  It’s a really fun book that is both a love letter to metal as well as playing up some of the more ridiculous parts of metal mythos.  As a non-metal fan, I thought the book was a blast.  

  14. @thefreakytiki & Neb

    Thanks! I think I’m gonna pick it up!

  15. Does this include Scott pilgram? Feel like I should get into that.

  16. I just picked up the Queen & Country Definitive Edition at Amazon for about 50 cents cheaper plus no S&H.

  17. Black Metal was good!

  18. crap was hoping their t-shirts wouldve been on sale also…

  19. This calls for immediate action !

  20. Whats the difference between the hardcover and the definitive editions of Q&C?

  21. Wish the guys would provide a link to amazon.ca, I can’t order from Amazon.com, they don’t ship most items to Canada.

  22. @muddi900~  The definitive editions collect several storylines into one nice, compact book.  If you got all four, you’d have the entire series as it’s appeared in comics.  The hardcovers are hardcover trades of individual storylines.  Honestly, the definitive editions are the better deal because you get so much story in a really lovely book.

  23. a few of these are offered for the same price on instocktrades.com and if you buy $50 or more the shipping is free.

  24. Buying direct from Oni supports Oni. Instead of getting ~50% cover price from the retailer (ie Amazon) Oni is getting 70% cover for the product. Same with the annual Top Shelf sale. Yes, you can save, what was that, @Drake? Fifty cents? Or you can support Oni directly and help its effort to provide quality and diversity in the comic market.

    That said, you go the Amazon route anyway, please use the iFanboy marketplace link.

  25. sweet i’m getting Queen & Country: Definitive Edition Vol. 1 


  26. Ifanboy needs a banner or something to track the instocktrades orders for benefits, I know they sponser the show but I do most of my big order shopping through them as they have a better break if the total cost is over $50 for the free shipping…