Okay, which one of you has ’em?

Someone stole a Minnesota man’s comic book collection.

That sounds like the kind of behavior that would be exhibited by our fanbase.

Here are my questions:

1. The guy only had four long boxes and he calls that a collection?

2. Who breaks into a house just to steal comic books? I mean, $2,400 isn’t that much.

3. While you were at it you couldn’t have yoinked a TV or something?

4. What are the chances that this crime is high on the priority list of the Austin, Minnesota Police Department?

5. Do you think Austin, Minnesota has its own police department?

6. Honestly, who steals comic books?

7. If you stole the comic books and got caught and went to prison, how do you tell your cellmate Simon Adebisi what you’re in for?

8. Why does my head hurt?

9. Where are this guy’s neighbors?

10. Why must Robert Stack be dead? Verily, this is a case for Unsolved Mysteries.


  1. Here’s the full story, in case it disappears again.

    Police Seek Spider-Man Thief

    Aug 18, 2004 10:02 am US/Central
    Austin, Minn. (AP) This could be a case for Spider-Man or the X-Men.

    Police in Austin are looking for a man’s missing comic book collection.

    James Jones told police when he returned from vacation yesterday, he discovered someone had broken into his home and stolen his collection of comic books.

    Jones says the collection consists of four large boxes of Marvel comics — between 600 and 800 comic books, all at least 30 years old and worth more than $2,400.

    No one’s been arrested.