Oh, User Reviews…we could never forget you, could we?

The denizens of iFanboy continue to step up. If you needed a few opinions on some books, the Comics Section was the place to be this past week. The march of time and tide beats down upon us, so with no further delay, let’s get to it, shall we?

Jimski made with a stellar review of continued, unexpected quality of this week’s Wolverine #64.

Story: 4 / Art: 4

Would you walk into a bar full of soldiers and stab a nun? Brilliant. What if she were in the fortified Green Zone with an army protecting her? Brilliant! “Then I’ll just commit a suicide bombing and get smuggled in as a corpse.” Brilliant!!

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coltrane68 tells it like he sees it with his review of The Last Defenders #2, and it ain’t pretty.
Story: 3 / Art: 1

Still, the authors have essentially no touch for writing Colossus and She-Hulk, who are clearly the best-known characters in this series. Nobody knows how Blazing Skull should act, and only a subset of Marvel fans know much about Nighthawk.
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Neb is a real fan of Joss Whedon, and thankfully Serenity: Better Days #2 is scratching that itch big time.

Story: 5 / Art: 3

If I won the lottery today, I think I know what’d I do with the money. I’d take like $3 million of it and put it in the bank. That’s “me” money. And the rest of my giant winnings would go to Joss Whedon with a little note attached to it that read: “Use this to make Firefly again.”

jstump, who is rapidly gaining “power-user” status, if there were such a thing, let the words flow and flow with his extensive review on Justice Society of America #14.

Story: 4 / Art: 5

It was fantastic and opened a whole bunch of questions. We finally got some well needed action in this book too. Last issue was good stuff, but this issue was a crazy brawl. Also it made me sad, because he made it seem like all bets are off and that anyone on this team may not make it out of this story line.

There are a lot more reviews where those came from, so get reading, and discussing, and in two days, we start it all over again, in the endless looping that is the life of a comic book reader.



  1. "Power-user?"  I call it sleep deprivation and working third shift.

    Great reviews as always.  I especially liked Neb’s review on Serenity Better Days #2.  He hit the nail on the head with wanting more episodes.

  2. Maybe the "power user" status has to do with the power review you wrote for JSA this month.  For it was long and…powerful.

    Great reviews as always by the iFanbase. 

  3. Really wish there was a way I could track certain users on iFanboy and see their lastest reviews & comments. I follow the reviews of Neb, Caroline, Papes, Stump and Dave- but I gotta go fishing for them individually or bookmark each one’s profile.

    I just want to subscribe to Neb’s reviews. Is that possible? Ron, I’m looking in yr direction.  

  4. I know what you mean Labor, I track down a lot of people’s reviews as well.  That would be awesome.

  5. Patience.  We don’t have a big tech team here.  We’re working on it.  🙂

  6. @Labor~  Kind words, sir, kind words indeed.  I’m humbled.  When are we going to see more Labor reviews?  In reading your comments on forums, I could see them being entertaining, sarcastic and controverisal all in one foul swoop.  Now that…that I would read!

  7. @Neb~ Bbwwhah! I been getting to my books later & later over tha past few weeks. Sometimes I just don’t keep the story in mind for very long. So it’s just a fleeting thought here and there. Gotta get less busy and/or forgetful. 😛

  8. We’re working on it.  🙂

    Posted by conor on 04/14/08 at 10:57 PM