Oh My! ARCHIE Comics’ KEVIN KELLER Meets George Takei This November!

Hikaru Sulu has served as both physicist and third officer helmsman for the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) under James T. Kirk. He’s captained the USS Excelsior through trial and hardship. In some realities, he has served as president of the United Federation of Planets for an astonishing three terms. He has even auditioned to appear in Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and lived to tell the tale without bodily injury.

But this November, Hikaru Sulu journeys to the ultimate frontier. Riverdale.

Inspired by a chance encounter at a recent convention, Dan Parent is bringing George Takei to the pages of Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller #6. Riverdale’s new favorite son will finally meet one of his heroes this year, and we’ve got the cover.



  1. The idea of this is very cool. The execution? Let’s just say that the composition here is a little odd. I hope this is not the final cover treatment. Let’s get a little more clever and little less ambiguous innuendo.

  2. This will be awesome! I trust Dan Parent to do a great job with this bizarre yet cool idea.