Oh Lord, please have mercy on us… there is a DC MMO coming

If I’m not careful, I might lose another year. It looks like Jim Lee is set to direct an MMO centered around the DC universe.

For any of you who have struggled with addiction, and make no mistake that this is addiction we’re talking about, the future has just become cloudy and sleepless. I’m only left to hope that it is a really horrible game, because otherwise I, and others like me are surely going to be goners.

Dibs on Green Lantern!


  1. Oh, jesus.

    On both counts.

  2. Both of these games sound amazing.

  3. *hands shaking*

  4. I’m not sure how this kind of game works within an established universe. Well, I understand how it would work for WarCraft (boy, do I) and Star Wars, but not one like the DCU or the Marvel U.

    Would it be like City of Heroes where one would create their own character to interact with the others who create their own characters and, like, Superman?

  5. it would have to be create your own hero or villain, with the established characters as NPCs…

  6. So basically, City of Heroes set in the DCU.


    I’d want to see some art.

  7. Open up a comic book

  8. I want to see screenshots!

  9. Probably no public ready screens yet. It’s announcement is relatively new, so don’t expect anything for a good month or so.

    Am I the only person who played City of Heroes? That game was great…but I can only help but wonder how this DC MMO will change that formula, and not become the first MMO clone of City of Heroes.

    …Dibs on ‘The Flash’!

  10. Oh, I’m not expecting concept art right now. I’m just going to reserve judgment until there’s more information.

  11. I avoided City of Heroes for fear that I would play too much, then WoW came along. All of a sudden, it was 2006.

  12. The comic:


    What happened after the comic:

    (scroll down past Gabe’s idea of what he’d like the DC game to be, which I think would be really cool.)


  13. A DC MMO with a visual style inspired by the animated DCU would shiver me timbers.

    Of course, they are going the Jim Lee route, so…

  14. Any iFanboys still playing WOW and if so are you on the Draka server… just throwing that out there

  15. You know Dirk, I’m not entirely sure if we ever played WoW, or if WoW played us…

  16. Bronzebeard, my friend, Bronzebeard.

  17. Deep up in this bitch.

    I hear that Galaxies is pretty fun now. And cheap!

  18. Dibs on Green Lantern!

    But which one?

    That actually might be a really good game. A Green Lantern Corps MMO. You could design your own suit and patrol your sector (server).

    But the more I think about a DC MMO, the more terrified I get. If it is at all any good…

  19. I think I’d play a lot like Guy Gardner. If not, I’d go for Kyle.

    (I know, I know, I can hear the outrage already….)

    The argument is that Guy would just be fun to play, and Kyle has the least limitations on his power.

  20. You’re right, Guy would be fun.

  21. Terribly blatant conversation starter:

    Who would you want to play? Would you need a very good video card to play as the Flash?

  22. Hmm…Of course, Wally West, THE FLASH! That would probably be the most fun. Zooming around everywhere, super fast punches, defying the speed of ANYTHING ALIVE

    After seeing the GL Corps. idea from Conor, I had an idea: How would these archtypes tie into the DCU? We all know WoW had Paladins, Warriors, Rouges, etc. etc. How would we fit into the DCU? Let’s see…

    Selectable Classes-
    Green Lantern– Seeing as how there’s A MILLION GL’s, it would be easy for characters to be GL’s. A unique GL suit would be easy to make-it’d be like City of Heroes’ costume editor.
    Normal/Tech hero– Something like Batman wouldn’t be hard to do. A normal hero, who has to constantly re-buy supplies (IE Bat-a-rangs instead of arrows) in favor of really good traits such as attack and others.
    Krypton-based hero– Remember in Star Wars galaxies, when a Jedi would be a randomly chosen player? Why not have a Krypton based hero, who, after a series of missions, if lucky, they gain new powers such as flight, an attack boost, heat vision, etc. etc.
    Speedsters– Quite possibly like the prior class, but if one wants to be a speedster, they could pursue a certain mission line, until after being an unpowered ‘vigilante’, the end of a mission will grant them Super speed, via an accident ala Barry or contact with the Speed Force ala Wally.
    There’s a helluva lot more, but that’s the problem with making an established, unique world like this into an MMO: Everything is so intricate and detailed and worked out. City of Heroes developed their own world, allowing players to build the history from scratch: There’s no special reason why one can’t be a speedster, or a superstrong superhuman! This may just turn the DCMMO on it’s head, resulting in a horrible experience

    Yeah…in short, I wanna play as the Flash :

    Yeah…in short, I wanna play as the Flash :

  23. I just got WOW and yes i belive it is playing me, but as they say you cant rape the willing.

  24. I kinda feel like playing City of Heroes/Villains. Mav, you must know if it’s any good or not. What do you think? I don’t want to get addicted again, like I did with WoW, but that game’s always sounded fun to me. If you get city of villains, is it an expansion, or a separate game? And I assume you can only be villains?

  25. Ah, City of Heroes. I know thy well.

    In all honesty, I have to say, that I was more addicted to City of Heroes then I was to WoW. WoW is a typical, knigths and dragons kinda RPG. Sure, some of the elements are deep, whatever. City of Heroes allowed you to be unique: Creating your own costume, choosing your powers, and allowing you to act as a super human, something that most of us dream about.

    In my honest opinon, it is a good game. It gets a bit repetitive, alot of ‘slay this many people’ missions. Not as many redundant ‘deliver this, report back’ missions. It’s expanded since i’ve played (about 2 years ago?) so there’s probably alot i’m missing out on.

    Now, here’s the cool part about CoV. It’s both an expansion and seperate game. It allows you to be more indepth as a villian, establishing bases and henchmen, and invading the citys that the Heroes defend. Likewise, Heroes can now lead offensive attacks against the villian strongholds, by themselves or with a League or Team. It’s really quite fun.

    Now, as far as villian only…no, not only a villian. You have the ability to switch factions, losing all your powers and level however, but changing your alignment from evil to good, or good to evil. It can be done a multiple amount of times I believe, and it adds a new level of playability.

    Since CoH isn’t as Guild depedent and there’s not a huge ass cult following behind it, it’s easy to take an occasional break from it every once and awhile. There’s not constant updates and bug fixes to it like there was in WoW, so don’t expect to log on after a week and learning how to play it all over again.

    I’d give it a go. It’s a really fun game, and hey…SUPERHEROES. I mean, I got inspiration for all the heroes and villians I draw from that game…it’s really a very helpful tool in character creation (I dunno how many of you care about THAT, but I sure as hell do)

  26. Just what I was looking for. Thanks. I might give it a go.