“Oh God. It smells like stale beer and feet in here!” It’s Another iFanboy Contest!

And we all know T’Challa is to blame.

It’s the newest iFanboy contest! We’ve still got a copy of the Marvel Scene-It game to give away, and here’s your chance to win it.

As you know, the Black Panther is the world’s worst freeloading houseguest. The contest is simple: Send us your best interpretation of that idea, and the one we like the best wins.

Click through for more details.

Interpretation? Anything you can think of to represent the King of bad houseguests (and Wakanda) is acceptable. You want to draw? Make a comic? Write a script? Record a song? Something else I can’t think of? If you have just one line that makes us spit up milk, you could win.

Send your entries to us at contact@ifanboy.com. The subject line should read “T’Challa Contest.” If it’s a really big attachment, more than 1-2 MB, let us know, and we’ll figure out an alternate method.

Thanks to Screen Life Games for the prize!

If you already posted something on the forums, consider yourself entered!

The deadline is a week from today, Thursday, May 31. The winner will be announced on episode #83 of the show, out on Sunday, June 3.


  1. So, if we already put something in one of the two threads devoted to this, we don’t have to send it in? It’s already in the running?

    Best. Contest. Ever.

  2. What about if we post twice?

    Oh snap!

  3. HAh, oh snap! Hilarious.

  4. T’C Darling, stop right there, have you ever had to clean up after yourself?

    My Wind and Lightning may make a mess, but at least I have the forthought to put it all back; Every morning I find empty milk cartons in the gym and since we moved into the Baxter Building I have yet to see you leave your socks Anywhere BUT the lounge, Jonny has already had words to me about it, and I’d rather not get into it on this “Web-site”

  5. i am SO looking forward to the results of this contest!!!!
    too bad im one of those untaleted saps who have no idea to enter, but damn, i can’t wait to see what you guys put forward!!!

  6. It may not be T’Challa, but how about “Living with Galactus? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDKjliVcOJs

  7. hhheellllp…mmeeeeee

  8. Hey guys- Funny contest. I emailed in an entry. Doubt I’ll win, but I’m excited to hear some of the other entries.

  9. My entry has been mailed!
    Good luck to all!… I’m really excited to see all “interpretations”

  10. Nice! I entered but my entry is not very good. Still, cool contest.

  11. I just sent my entry for the contest in and verifying here that I did it before the deadline.

  12. sent my entry in. If they don’t post it I’ll put it up here.

  13. Are the entries going to be posted online?

  14. When do we get to see/hear/read the funnies?

  15. When are the entries going up?

  16. Soon, soon. We had a perfect storm of things happen this week with other iFanboy matters that required our attention over posting the contest results. They will definitely be up next week.

  17. these looked intersting

  18. and they were! We’ve been super busy this month – but we’re going to get these up within the next few days…please accept my humble apologies for the lateness

  19. How about all these great shows though?! Hunh?!

    Good, right?

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  20. Sounds like you guys need some more interns. Maybe you can work something out with Kramerica Industries and get some of their people to help you out.