Off to the Races with Guggenheim

As a huge Flash fan, I have to admit I’m concerned about the state of the series, but with new writer Marc Guggenheim coming on board, I’m hopeful.



  1. I was really never impressed with Guggenheim’s Wolverine. His dialogue seemed like one worn out Wolvie cliche after another. I didn’t hate it or even dislike it, but felt the dialogue painted the sam ol’ tired Wolverine without giving the character any real depth. Also, he charred Wolverine down to a skeleton, which I felt was a bit much. Hey, I know its comics, but come on! He can regenerate from a skeleton?!

  2. I would really like to read that WOLVERINE arc, but Marvel is being oddly slow about reprinting it. Currently, it’s scheduled for April 18th. I guess they wanted all the Civil War trades to come out around the same time. UGH

  3. The whole thing about the exaggerated regeneration seemed more necessary when you look at Guggenheim’s last issue, where he revealed that Wolverine didn’t really survive the explosion. Wolverine DIED in the explosion, but there’s some as yet unrevealed deal he has with the underworld that keeps on resurrecting him. Looking back on it, I suppose that’s why all the violence in Guggenheim’s run was so over the top. He had to show situations that would legitimately kill Wolverine.

    As for Flash, I think Guggenheim’s just what the title needs. Even going further back than Bilson and Demeo, we can see that Geoff John’s run was starting to lose steam near the end. It lost steam because Johns split his focus in too many different directions, between Wally, the Rogues, the Reverse Flashes, and even the increasingly irritating Barry Allen subplots. Given that these were Wally’s last issues, I felt a little miffed that he was frequently left out of the spotlight. But Guggenheim’s plots seem a lot more hero-oriented and straight forward, which is what the title is going to need if Bart is to fill the role Didio had planned for him.

  4. Guggenheim’s Wolverine is, for me, the only good thing to come out of this whole Civil War mess. So far. When he comes back to the book I”ll actually pick it up again, whereas I’m dropping the other tie-ins that I am currently buying.

  5. I’m excited for him to come back to Wolverine. It absolutely must not be with ramos though. had enough of that disaster for one lifetime. he’s presently pencil-raping another x-franchise over at adjectiveless

  6. I totally forgot about Ramos – I hope he comes back. I love his crazy pencils. He had me almost buy X-Men again.

  7. oh thank GOD, a new team for Flash.
    it pained me, but i actually had to DROP Flash for the first time since i started reading at issue 1. it was just too painful. as for an artist, i wouldn’t mind seeing someone like Kaare Andrews tackle Flash. that guy always impresses me.

    as for Wolvy, i can’t say i was as into it as you fellas were. it was ok, but the whole Namor tie-in left me cold. and Ramos is ok now and then. he gets the job done, but i’m never excited about it.

  8. He had me almost buy X-Men again.
    I really fell like the whole world is fucking with me. I don’t get the ramos thing at all

  9. I’m with Conor. I thought the Guggenheim/Ramos Wolverine was quite excellent, and if they both come back to the book I’ll definitely pick it up.

    I actually started up with X-Men again just because of Ramos…

  10. i also thought guggenheim was excellent

    sometimes you say something by not saying something

  11. i am also a huge fan of the guggenhiem wolverine, i came back to comics right before that run started, awesome place to pick up…

  12. I too liked Ramos. Sometimes heroes just need bigger hands and feet to punch and kick harder. At least that’s my theory.

    This may just get me to pick up the Flash again…

  13. Hopefully, he’ll bring back Wally.
    this brooding Bart business is tired already.
    I miss Wally and Geoff Jones.