NYCC Teaser: New Project From Jim McCann?

The hype around New York Comic Con is beginning, and all eyes are on Twitter as several comic creators and publishers begin announcing or hinting at announcements to be made at the con.  The latest comes from Eisner Award winning writer Jim McCann (Who won best Graphic Novel for Return of the Dapper Men), who posted the below to his Twitter moments ago, along with a mysterious image.

TEASER: #BigAnnouncement #NYCC Find out more at @NY_Comic_Con. For now, let the guessing begin!

And the Teaser Image:

We’re at a loss as to what this might be. A new graphic novel? It’s definitely not Dapper Men related, as the art style is very different.  Maybe it’s another title from Marvel where McCann has previously written? We’re doing out best to find out, but we may not know until the New York Comic Con.  In the meantime, what do you think it is?


  1. Is it possible for McCann to not spill the beans till NYCC? Every interview I’ve seen or heard of him he’s always chomping at the bit to spill the details. His energy and excitement are so evident in everything he does.

  2. Of course I can keep my mouth shut about “—” Oops! Almost spilled the beans! 😛 More info will be coming this week! YAY!!!!
    (And, yes, I am beyond excited about this!)

  3. the question is where will it be announced? online? panel? (if so, which one?)

  4. Seems like McCann is writing for a more adult audience this time round. I’m excited to find out what this could be.

  5. Its creeeeeeepy… like in the middle, she’s got no nose, and then in the bottom her ear is bleeding! Yikes!