New York Comic Con 2007, Day 3 – Sunday

Put it in the books!

iFanboy is hungry and tired (and Ron is possibly sick) and in the midst of editing the video show to get it out for Wednesday!

Here’s the quick and dirty on day three: Josh stayed home to start editing the show and Ron and Conor ran around the con shooting more video, conducting more interviews, and generally having a grand old time. Then they rocketed over to Josh’s to join in the all-night editing session.

If you were at the con on day three, post your thoughts below!


  1. NYCC was the first con I’ve attended since I was a child. No one ever told me about the steals you can get in the last fifteen minutes of a show. People were practically giving things away to move merchandise before the day came to a close. Ifanboy has been right on point with what they’ve had to say about DC’s representation at the cons. It had to be one of the best booths all weekend; lots of free swag, and lots of talent there like Greg Rucka, and Gail Simone. All in all had a good time, it was a great place to find some back issues I’d missed. Plus I got my free Ifanboy sticker; rock on!

  2. letterman just did a thing on the con. it was typically letterman-ish, but it was nice to see thr con get some play on tv, one way or another.

  3. We saw their camera crew there… that camera guy looked tired.

  4. It was nice to meet you guys and share the joy that was velveteen Superman.

  5. I originally read that as “velveeta superman” and spent a long minute going, “What the hell goes on at these things, anyway?”

  6. At some of the parties, you never know.

    Furries. *shiver*