New York Comic-Con Teams Up with Wizard

I’ve noticed the ads for the upcoming New York Comic-Con, which had me curious, because New York is historically a crappy city for a good con (which is why we go to San Diego), and of all days I go to check it out, I find this press release which announces the partnership between the planners of the New York Comic-Con and evil empire of Wizard conventions.

Apparently, this show will replace the attempt at a con in Atlanta, which caused strife among fans because it was scheduled on the same weekend as the long running, fan fave Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.

Is any city safe from the Wizard convention scourge? While this is good for brining back good cons to New York, it pains me that it’s Wizard, who have been trying to beef up their LA show to compete with the world famous San Diego show. I was thinking of attending this con, but now, I’m not too sure…


  1. I dunno…. I used to go to the NY Comic-Con in the early 90s at the Jacob Javits Center and those were really good cons. Once it left the Javits Center (too expensive), then they started to suck. But it was a good Con at one point.

  2. The first time I went to a comic book convention my father dropped me off with $4.

  3. Heh. Yeah, Warren Ellis is going this year to Hero just to piss off the Wizard Con people.

    I guess it worked.

  4. Don’t look now, but there’s an ad for the New York Comicon in the side bar RIGHT NOW….