Now That’s The Stuff: CRIMINAL: THE SINNERS #1 Cover

was one of my five favorite books, and then it went away and we got Incognito which I didn’t really care for, and now Criminal is back! Woooo!

Criminial: The Sinners #1 hits at the end of September.


  1. YAY!

  2. My commentary on the John’s Flash announcement yesterday was limited to the insightful "awesome".  Today I will go with the tragically (criminally?) underrated, radical.  

  3. Like. I’m switching to floppies for this.

  4. it’s about time this series came back. I missed it, incognito just wasn’t the same

  5. Never read Criminal *dodges flying beer bottle.  After thoroughly enjoying Incognito, I’m in.

  6. Ohh, yes. . . I liked INCOGNITO a lot, but I just reread the first volume of CRIMINAL as well, and thought about how much I want the next chapter of Tracy Lawless’s story.  Can’t wait!

  7. Yea let’s get our criminal on!

  8. WOO I’ve missed this.

  9. OH YA! Lawless is back!

  10. Hell ya!!! 

  11. YES!

  12. As much as I’m getting a bit tired of crime-noir, I can’t help but pick this up. Criminal is Brubaker at the top of his game and obviously a labor of love for him.

  13. Hostess?


    How can you be sick of crime noir? There’s like a 75:1 ratio on superhero:noir books. Actually now that 100 Bullets ended, what crime comics are coming out besides Criminal?

    Anyway, this cover is nice but the cover for the third issue… yum.

  14. Yeah, I enjoy Criminal far more than the one issue I tried of Incognito.  I am very excited to see this book return.

  15. Woah, why all the hate for Incognito? I loved it just as much as Criminal. Anyway now that Criminal is back Im really excited how Brubaker decided that the next story arc would follow Tracy as Lawless has been my favorite Criminal story arc so far so this should be bad ass

  16. saw the ad for this in the back of Incognito and i breathed a sigh of relief because i cannot wait !!

  17. I preordered the Criminal Omnibus, and I suggest everyone does the same. It is like $34.00 bucks on Amazon. It collects it all. I will continue to support this book in issue as well as in hardcover.

    Top five book for me that I might have lost track of cuz of Incognito.

  18. lame now we gotta wait for this to end before we can get more Incognito.

  19. I can not wait.  So glad to see this book back.

  20. Fantastic frickin’ series, great to see it back! It’d be great if all the fans who jumped on Incognito came back over to Criminal.

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