Newsarama and View Askew No More

First, yes, I realize the deep irony of a comics news weblog posting about a comics news website as a form of news. But it’s damn interesting. After over 3 years, Newsarama has left its sugardaddy, Kevin Smith’s View Askew. So far all that means is that there are now less annoying ads around the website entries (Irony: strike 2!).

Honestly, I always thought it was really good of Kevin to prop up Newsarama and give it a home, free from the threat of not being able to continue. And during that time, it’s clear that Newsarama has grown and flourished. While it’s true that I’m hard on Wizard, I’ve never had a bad thing to say about the content at Newsarama. They’ve always been there, they’ve always offered lots of points of view, and cover mainstream and indy comics.

Now, the message boards over there… that’s a different story. Read one next time someone does a story on a gay character in a DC book. It’s like a Fred Phelps fest when that happens. No, I’m not posting a link to Fred Phelps. He’s a prick.

I think I got off topic.

Anyway, good luck to Newsarama. We need them.


  1. I dont know about the new movie, to early to tell, but i will tell you this with the utmost praise. Go rent, buy, netflix whatever “An evening with Kevin Smith” which is hilarious. Its just him speaking at colleges around the nation edited down (edited in the loosest sense, its 4+ hours they mean a whole damn evening.) Regardless it is highly entertaing to here him tell humorous stories about Affleck and various celebities. I usually not game for this kind of pander, but when a guy in hollywood is this honest its highly entertaining. “You have my Punisher War Journal #3 and the remote conrol to my TV” Brodie

  2. When I posted this, I didn’t realize that I’d be giving Kevin Smith 2 stories in a row. But there you have it. Methinks these comments belong more to the discussion in the clerks thread. But I think the way you do.

  3. I could use a sugarmomma. I need to start frequenting different bars.