New York Comic Con 2007!

This is it! The 2nd Annual New York Comic Con has arrived!

This is the comic convention on iFanboy’s home turf so you know that we’ll be all over it. We’re going to be running around like pushy New Yorkers covering this thing. If you see us, stop us and say hi!

We’re going to be covering the con visually but if there is major news we’ll try to bring it to you. If you’re going to the con, click on through and tell everyone about your experience! Also, click through for information on Saturday’s party!

Official iFanboy Meet Up!
Location: Rudy’s Bar & Grill
627 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 974-9169
Date: February 24, 2007
Time: 8:00pm
Here’s a map of the bar in relation to the convention center.

Take a look at the convention schedule and guest list to see if there is anything special you want us to try and cover. We can’t guarantee that we’ll get to it but we’ll keep it under consideration.

If you’re going to be attending the New York Comic Con let us know! And if you can make the Official iFanboy Meet Up (details above) all the better!


  1. I will be there. And I just checked out Rudy’s and it looks cool. I love that it’s actually classified as a dive bar.

  2. I go if im allowed in to the bar since im seventeen and all.

  3. If only I was in New York.. I haven’t been to New York in years.. 🙁

  4. I’m getting hobo-stab insurance just for the occasion

  5. I’m headed down to the city this Wed to get tickets for Saturday and Sunday.

  6. I’ll be there!

  7. Unfortunately I wont be there. I have to leave CT for Panama City, FL that weekend so I can continue to have crazy Navy people teach me not to drown by virtually drowning me every day. Shame.

    Ah, I’ll be glad when I can enjoy comics again.

  8. Will you guys be at this year’s St. Louis comic convention?

    Oh, that’s right, St. Louis doesn’t have a goddamn comic convention; I have to fly halfway across the country to ask Joe Quesada insulting questions in a View Askew hockey jersey.

    If I sound bitter, it’s only because I want to be able to tell a con story without spending six hours in the car. Alas!

  9. Chicago’s close(r) right? Right?

  10. Last time I mentioned Chicago, one of you (Josh?) shamed me by mentioning it was Wizard World Chicago. And shamed I was… but I bet I could get there this August with only a verbal fight with my wife… only to find all the hotels have been sold out for 10 months. But maybe I’m being pessimistic.

  11. Yeah, that’s true. It is a WizardWorld con…

    I am torn between my feeling that everyone should attend a con, and if WizardWorld is your only choice, it’s your only choice and my strong desire to have everyone boycott Wizard cons for not only their crappy magazine but also their strong-arming con practices.

  12. Graaaaaaaagh. I’ll be in NYC the weekend BEFORE the Comic Con.

    Make me proud iFanboy!

  13. So, I saw the dates and thought “You know, it’s close, but I bet I could get Friday off, and I could get a ticket… maybe stay with my cousin who lives out there…”

    Then I realized I can’t cause my cousin is getting married here that weekend. The one actually in New York. You think they’d postpone?

    nly to find all the hotels have been sold out for 10 months. But maybe I’m being pessimistic.

    Jimski, if all the hotels are sold out, I have a futon and a ample amount of floor space.

    Yeah, that’s true. It is a WizardWorld con…

    You guys definitely go to the Chicago con. You can’t even tell it’s run by Wizard. At least I couldn’t last year.

  14. I’ll be there. Did I read that right? Free hot dogs and popcorn? Sweet! And cheap beer is the best beer.

  15. I want to go to these cons so badly and meet all of you. You don

  16. I’m there!

  17. I’ll be at the con, but on Sunday. Read the reviews of Rudy’s. Sounds like a fun place. Duct taped booths? I say forget covering the con and cover the party at Rudy’s.

  18. this is my favorite Rudy’s comment
    from whitney r:
    If I had a buck and a quarter for every time I have seen a baby in a bar, I would have exactly one dollar and twenty five cents because it has only happened once – at Rudy’s. And if someone is so inclined to actually give me that $1.25, I would use it to purchase a pre-packaged PBR from said establishment because that is what they cost at Rudy’s if you make it to the bar before 4pm and take advantage of their Fixed Income Special. And who cares if the top of the can smells like doo doo butter? It’s cold. And its delicious.

    I judge bars by my initial assessment of the likelihood of getting my skull cracked in with a pool stick or having a chair smashed over my back. Sadly, there is no billiards at Rudy’s, but there are plenty of metal stools and a shady cast of parolees, bikers, out of work porn stars, and former hair band front men that look like they are pretty handy with the steel seating and more than ready for action.

    For the impending danger I felt when I first walked in the door, I give Rudy’s 4 stars and in truth, I might have even given it 5 if I went on a different day, but I went after church on Sunday, which judging by the presence of toddlers on site, is apparently family day, thus slightly decreasing my chances of having my ass whipped.

    Despite the apparently rough clientele, everyone at Rudy’s actually seemed quite friendly after I settled into my sticky booth and got more familiar with my surroundings. I looked up and down the bar at people from every walk of life talking and laughing and genuinely enjoying themselves. For a moment in time Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Gays, Republicans, and Jehovah’s Witnesses put aside their differences and agendas and came together in the name of stale popcorn, good conversation, and cheap booze. Bar management merrily went about their seemingly never ending task of duct taping something or other, the courtesy hot dogs tanned and sweated on the weenie rack, and the jukebox rocked my balls into a thunderstorm of dusted skeletons blaring everything from George Jones to Otis Redding to Judas Priest.

    I left Rudy’s with a renewed faith in humanity and some enhanced criteria for evaluating bars. My rating system is now much more complex, factoring in the probability of seeing someone spark a brawl or witnessing an infant learn to crawl. And I’m certain to return to Rudy’s time and again whether it’s to nurse my children or have my teeth kicked in.

    Oh snap. That rhymed.

    I read this to my wife(because I thought it was hilarious) and she was like ‘yeah you’re going to that on your own’

  19. I still call dibs on the Paris house.

  20. guess whos stalking at the con.

  21. Man, if my daughters birthday weren’t that weekend, I woudl drive up for the meet up–screw the comic con. ifanboy needs its own comic con.

    I hope it is awesome. Definitely need some video.

  22. I’m toying with the idea of going but I remember Conor’s review of the whole thing as being horrific… hopefully they make up for their mistakes from last year.

    I’ll try and make it to the meet up though…

  23. Nice I’ll be there

  24. I read this to my wife(because I thought it was hilarious) and she was like ‘yeah you’re going to that on your own’

    Weird, that doesn’t sound at all like the bar when I’ve been there…

    I’m toying with the idea of going but I remember Conor’s review of the whole thing as being horrific… hopefully they make up for their mistakes from last year.

    Last year the biggest problem was lack of space and this year that has, supposedly, been dealt with.

  25. I’m going to the con…I’ll try to make it to Rudy’s. What time?

  26. Damn! That weekend is my 1 year wedding anniversery. Any ideas on how to get out of that???

  27. divorce

  28. you didn’t say good ideas

  29. Weird, that doesn’t sound at all like the bar when I’ve been there…

    that sucks I was hoping to get hepatitis

  30. I’ve already got a and b
    I was hoping for c

  31. Granted, I haven’t been there in like a year.

    And make no mistake, it *is* a total dive bar. It’s awesome.

  32. In the intervening year it’s been full of toddlers and Jehovah’s Witnesses listening to Judas Priest

  33. I’ll be there. And I’ll be dragging Dreg along as well.

    I’m flying in from Baton Rouge. Very much looking forward to it. I’m to assume that the bar isn’t far from the con?

  34. I’m to assume that the bar isn’t far from the con?

    Not too far. I’ve added a map to the above info.

  35. Hey I will be at the con and probably go to the bar too, great job guys !

  36. I’ve already got a and b
    I was hoping for c

    Always the completionist…

  37. it’s like we’re dancing spiffy
    I laid that up there and just waited for somebody to finish it

  38. Doh! DIdn’t see time was tbd. My bad.

    Also, I may invite a friend of mine to this – Darren A.k.A Nitro G (of Who Wants to Be a Super Hero)! He’s always wanted to meet you guys.

  39. I’ll be there, if only because it will provide Josh the opportunity to say the word “bar” in a Boston accent.

  40. This is going to get ugly.


    Hayden Panettiere will be appearing at New York Comic Con on behalf of Entertainment Legends where she will be available for autographing and will “pose” for a limited number of photos with fans on both Saturday 2/24 and Sunday 2/25. The “posed” limited photo opportunity will require a $10 donation to a charity yet to be named by Ms. Panettiere. A rising film and TV star, Hayden is currently starring in the NBC television drama Heroes, where she has been cast in the unique and challenging role of a high school cheerleader who is literally indestructible. The new NBC series is a critical and audience hit. NYCC convention officials note that Ms. Panettiere’s participation in their event adds still more entertainment value and celebrity appeal to a convention that is already brimming with star-studded appearances.

    “The fact that Hayden Panettiere will make herself accessible to our fans is terrific,” notes Greg Topalian, Event Director for New York Comic Con. “The whole point of New York Comic Con is not just to give fans a chance to hear celebrities talk or give a speech, but to give them an opportunity to actually meet some of their favorite personalities in person, shake their hand, or get their autograph. In this case, a few lucky fans will even get their picture taken!”

    The photo sessions will take place at the end of the day on Saturday, 2/24 and Sunday 2/25. Ms. Panettiere

  41. keep harry knowles away

  42. did you get the email about the cheerleader?

    for $250 you can hang out with her for an hour

    I can forward it if you didn’t get it, I’m not joking

  43. email text:

    Hayden Panettiere from NCB’s “Heroes” Appearing at New York Comic Con
    Limited Supply of Hayden Panettiere Meet & Greet Packages Available!

    Hayden Panettiere, who currently stars as Claire Bennet in the hit NBC series

  44. (Invincible Cheerleader on Conan, via TiVo)

    ME: hey, she’s at the New York ComicCon. I hear people will be clawing each other’s eyes out to get to her at the thing.

    MY PREGNANT WIFE: Yeah, way to do the opposite of selling me on that, there, champ. Way to stay in the midwest for the next eight months. (claps sarcastically)

  45. Guess who just got the best V-Day gift ever…?

    My gf just scored us two Sat Only tix!!!!! I am the happiest fanboy on earth 🙂

  46. Cool, hope to see you at Rudy’s!

  47. Any chance we’ll get another great San Diego-style video from the New York Con?

  48. No. We’re out of the video game. It’s going to be full CinemaScope feature length films from now on.

  49. I just booked my hotel. So now it’s official.

    Yes, I am a slacker

  50. *sniff* *sniff*.. I wish I could go to New York…. 🙁

  51. I am so ridiculously excited

  52. Me too, Fred. Me too.

  53. when will tbd be displayed in the o’clock format?

  54. Oh, I will be there. (At the bar, drinking)

    Count on that.

    Comic-con? It is possible.

  55. when will tbd be displayed in the o’clock format?


  56. nice thanks

  57. and the uncomfortable pimping continues

  58. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone from Rochester, New York will be going? xo

  59. YAAAAY. I’m leaving in less than 24 hours.

    I can’t wait

  60. Just in case anyone was still thinking about attending – Saturday is completely sold out and they’re not selling any more tickets. There are still tickets left for Fridy and Sunday.

  61. Oh man, tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

  62. Hello,

    I am wondering if anyone who is going would *please* be able to purchase me a Men’s Medium 2007 Comic Con Commemerative T-shirt and mail it to me? I will pay for the shirt and the shipping (Rochester, NY).

    Thank you,
    Janet B.

  63. So I went to try and find info on the Chicago Wizard Con, but there was nothing on the page. Does anyone know what’s the deal with that?

  64. Which page are you refering to?


    I see the main page, but none of the sublinks go to anything with information.

  66. Color me not shocked, that website is terrible.

  67. I’ve gotten lost in the Wizard site several times. It’s really bad

  68. From Newsarama:

    Going to the New York Comic Con? Want a chance at being on TV?

    CBS’ The Early Show has asked the NYCC and attendees for some help. The morning news program is looking for comic book fans to be a part of its audience Friday morning, February 23rd. Here’s the basics from CBS:

    We ask our guests to arrive by 7:30 AM at 767 5th Avenue (The Early Show Studio is in the GM building–59th and 5th and we broadcast live from the plaza outside). The show concludes by 9:00 AM and studio tours are offered pending breaking news and post tapes. We also have poster board and markers to make signs and serve breakfast items (all free, of course!) Monday-Friday.

    There you go – shout it loud, shout it proud (and shout it on CBS) I love comics!

  69. I’m looking forward to the con, oh I won’t be there, but I love Con season because of what happens on sites like here, newsarama and so on, it’s great to see an explosion of info.

  70. I can’t wait for tomarrow. Its going to be the first time i ever went to a comic convention in my life.


    UPDATED THURSDAY, 7:22 PM: Speaking to the New York Comic Com staff this evening, Newsarama has learned that in addition to Saturday, the convention is planning on strictly limiting the number of tickets available for sale at the Javits Center on Sunday.

    According to a NYCC representative, attendees who pre-registered for the entire weekend, or bought a ticket for Sunday online will be able to enter the convention floor and panels without any problem beginning at 10AM on Sunday morning. There will be no ticket sales on-site Sunday morning, however, starting at noon, convention staff will evaluate the size of the crowd on the floor, and if space permits, a limited number of tickets will be sold at the convention center.

  72. Have fun at the Con, guys. Bring us back something!

  73. If anybody can get me an issue of Checkmate (bagged and boarded) signed by Greg Rucka, I’ll send send you payment via money order to recompensate the issue’s cost, shipping and time spent in line.