New York Comic Con 2006 – DAY ONE

New York Comic Con — the first major comic book convention in this city in what seems like ten years — opened to the public today at 4pm after an early session for industry-types only.

This reporter couldn’t get out of his day job until almost 6pm. After making it all the way over to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, and getting checked in at the very well-hidden press room, it was already after 6:30pm leaving only 90 minutes until the con closed up shop for the night.

Entering the massive glass building caused a major bout of deja vu. I hadn’t been in that building since the last big comic convention in the early 90s. And it really didn’t look like much had changed, decor-wise. There was the all too familiar food court area right outside the convention floor area where, 15 years ago, media types conducted interviews with creative types while obsessive fan types waited in the wings like hyenas on the Serengeti for their prey to break away from the pack, free to sign big stacks of comics. Back then the primary goal was to get books signed. Nowadays, it’s all about getting sketches. One wonders when that happened. I bet the artists wonder too. I remember a friend of mine trying to engage a swiftly walking Mark Bagley in conversation so that he could compliment his work but Bagley — without breaking stride — apologized, saying he couldn’t stop and indicated with a quick jerk of the head the small gang of fans following ominously and intently behind him.

But enough about the past. What would this comic book convention bring? I honestly had no idea. For the past six years my only frame of reference has been the San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest and most popular comic book convention in the world. A few years ago I trekked out to WizardWorld Philadelphia, at the time the first major con to appear in the northeast in years, and was so severely disappointed that it didn’t match the size and scope of San Diego that my little geek heart was crushed.

After spending about an hour at the New York Comic Con the jury is still out. In terms of size, it’s not Philadelphia, but it’s not San Diego either. And that’s worrisome because Friday was packed to the gills full of people, making it extremely difficult to move and take pictures at times in certain areas (whomever put the DC and Marvel booths right across from each other right in front of the entrance needs to rethink their priorities in life). Also, it’s winter time in New York so everyone had lots of big jackets on and very few people used the coat check (this reporter included). As a result it was a bit toasty in the main hall. And snow is on the forecast for Saturday. I fear for Saturday.

Check out the Day One picture gallery!


  1. I’d like to apologize for the quality of some of the pictures. I had a lot of camera issues.

  2. At least you had one. I’m still kicking myself forgetting mine for Megacon!