NEW Podcast – DON’T MISS: Stumptown #1 with Greg Rucka

iFanboy is proud to announce a NEW Podcast for your listening pleasure.  As more and more new comic books come out each week, we’re going to, when we can, highlight one book that you absolutely cannot miss when you hit the shop, and talk with one of the creators behind the book.  Curious about a new comic? Who better then to tell you about it than the writer or artist?  We’re excited to launch this new podcast with one of our favorite writers, Greg Rucka as he talks abou this new book from Oni Press, the long awaited Stumptown #1

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Stumptown #1

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Matthew Southworth
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Editor: James Lucas Jones
$3.99 – Oni Press

Listen to Don’t Miss #1 with Greg Rucka:

Total Running Time: 14:46

Everybody’s Stalking
Badly Drawn Boy

Click on the below art to see the first 5 pages of Stumptown #1:




  1. All right!  A new podcast and a new Greg Rucka comic.

    I can’t wait for this one — I called the Stumptown voicemail line months ago. 


  2. I’m quite excited for Stumptown.  Love that cover 😀

  3. I’ve had this one lined up for a while.  It was actually suppposed to come out a few weeks ago I think?

    As someone who hasn’t found the Rucka love that everyone else seems to have, I’m really looking forward to this, and hoping that he wins me over

  4. Will this be an ongoing?

  5. Awesome idea! but, um, what’s the name of the podcast? did I miss it somewhere?

  6. @hailscott

    hell yeah! 

  7. @WonderAli – the name of the new show is "iFanboy Talksplode: Don’t Miss" – quite the mouthful huh?

  8. This is a great idea! 

  9. Sounds like an interesting idea.  Rucka interviews are always welcome. 

    @ron – The name of the podcast coupled with the phrase "quite the mouthful" gives it a disconcerting connotation.  Might want to avoid that. 

  10. @ron: duh! my brain’s not quite switched on yet.

  11. I can’t read this preview.  Can’t scroll down once the image is clicked.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Save the images to your desktop. 

  13. You guys got to put out a list with all the diferent series there are





    Talksplode: Don’t Miss


    Taste of Comics

    Special Edition

  14. A new podcast about a new Rucka book I had no idea was coming out? Awesome! I’m downloading this now and picking up the book this wednseday.

  15. I really hope I rememberd to order this at my LCS.  (Crossing Fingers)

  16. This reminds me:

    When the hell is Lehane going to write a comic? I would love to see Lehane continue his Kenzie/Genarro series (or redo it) in comic form. 

  17. Congrats on the new show – awesome idea. Can’t wait for Ron’s interview with Chris Claremont about the next issue of X-Men Forever!!!

  18. @miyamotofreak – is Lehane a comics fan?

  19. Might just want to rename it: Ifanboy: Quite the Mouthful.

  20. Can’t remember how long ago this was first discussed, but really cannot wait.  Also, @hailscott, I understand it’s an ongoing series of 4 or 5 issue stories with short breaks in between to allow the artist to be consistent.  Here’s to Wednesday (by which I mean Friday here)..

  21. So Talksplode is a seperate podcast now?

  22. Been waiting for stumptown for forever, super excited.

  23. @cutty

    I dunno, but considering he’s done plays and TV, I think he might be open to the idea. 

  24. @miyamoto – I googled it, and there’s a Shutter Island graphic novel coming out in January, and he’s listed as a writer.  Sounds interesting…

  25. @cutty

    Holy crap, that is awesome. Apparently it already won or got nominated for some awards in France, where it’s already released. 

    Bad ass. 

  26. @miyamoto – sounds like it could be pretty big for getting comics some more exposure, especially if the movie is a hit

  27. @cutty

    True. I wish it wasn’t published by Tokyopop though. 

  28. I will knife fight anyone who doesn’t like this book.

  29. *wonders if Chris notices the title of the music I used for this podcast*

  30. @ChrisNeseman – I think they just found the back cover blurb for the first trade…

  31. @josh – I noticed the music right away and chuckled. I tweeted that I might be the inspiration.

    I’m glad that you guys could make good use of Greg while I loaned him out. I’ll be by at 6:00 to pick him up.

  32. Do I buy single issues, or trade-wait?!

  33. Will there be a direct direct download option for this one?

    I don’t have admin right on my work PC and can’t install iTune 🙁

    And yes, I could wait to get home.

    But it got me wondering if maybe it is getting difficult to archive all of the shows and podcast you produce?


  34. Followed the RSS feed and downloaded the mp3 file.

    My bad. 

  35. Shadz – no worries, I should have provided a direct download link – it’s been added now – sorry about that

  36. The cover of the book has been updated to reflect the actual final cover

  37. Rucka! Podcast! Excellent!

  38. Looks great. Will pick it up in trade. 🙂


  39. LCS was either sold out or they didn’t order this title at all. So I’ll wait for the trade.