New Nova Series Announced

I am really only doing this because Ron is my friend and it will make him happy, but lost in the Joss Whedon/Runaways news and all the Spider-Man books hoopla was the announcment of a new Nova series!

When I found this story and alerted Ron over IM he went nutso. Seriously.

Here are some of writer Dan Adnett’s comments:

We’d pitched a Nova series to Marvel a while back, and that led to us being approached to do the Annihilation mini. Writing it, we found we really enjoyed playing around with the character, and Marvel seemed to like what we did too. So that’s where this ongoing comes from. We sat down and worked out where we could go next with the character, and what we hadn’t had a chance to do in the mini. This isn’t the series we pitched a while back. The map of the Marvel Universe has changed too much since then.

While it’s still way too early to talk about the new series in greater detail, Abnett was kind enough to provide some teasers about the direction that the character is heading towards. “The Nova Corps has gone, but the Universe needs a Nova Corps more than ever. Can one man do the job of the Corps? Let’s find out…”


  1. Nova and a new series with Darkhawk in it! I am so so so happy. I am speechless.

  2. I wish it was a New Warriors series, as that’s how I came to like the Nova character. I’m not too keen about comics in space.

    I may give it a whirl though.

  3. I kinda wish there was a New New Warriors too, but it is time for those characters to grow up. Nova has something interesting going on in space. Speedball is in prison. Firestar just quit. Night Thrasher and Namorita are dead. Justice and Rage could use something to do but its time for the group to move on. Putting the old characters in a NW relaunch would turn them away from the new directions they are on now. Bringing together a new team of teen heroes is irrelevent with comics like Runaways and Young Avengers out there.

    I would love some New Warriors trades or an omnibus.

  4. I really like the Nova character. Just something about him reminds me of…I don’t know, a childhood fixation with Space? He always seemed really cool, so I may pick up a few issues of this series.

    I just wish I had won that Essential Nova TPB from the Marvel Booth at Comic-Con…instead, I got the ‘much clamoured for’ Essential Wolverine Vol.1.

    I wanted Nova. I mean, everyone already KNOWS about Wolverine…gimme someone new to read about 🙁