New Iron Man Villain: Detroit Steel

It was revealed in G4's Fresh Ink, that as of Invincible Iron Man #25, Iron Man will have to contend with Detroit Steel, a big ol' stars and stripey robot suit that looks a lot like the Iron Monger from the first Iron Man movie.  Hammer Industries, Stark's old corporate nemesis will be leasing out Detroit Steel to whoever can pay for it.

Says Fraction, "He is what follows in the hole left behind by Iron Man once Tony Stark leaves the world stage. Tony hasn't been around to protect the regular interests that he might have during his time running Stark Industries or running S.H.I.E.L.D. And now that he's back, he's made it clear he doesn't want to get back into the geo-political side of things necessarily. Detroit Steel is what happens in that absence. He is a sort of Blackwater-meets-NASCAR corporate-sponsored armored enhanced guy available for hire to the highest bidder for whatever cause around the round. [Laughs] Basically, Iron Man's worst nightmare of what he could become. An absolute perversion of everything he is."

I suppose this could be an April Fool's joke, but they went and made up the artwork, plus they'll have to do something with Iron Man soon, since he can't just run around in his own head for another year.  This makes sense as the kind of comics they should have on the stands when Iron Man 2 hits theaters.

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  1. Thanks for talking about Iron Man.

  2. I’m going to buy it because I’ve really been diggin the series, but it doesnt seem like the freshest of ideas. If its written well I wont care.

  3. looks like crap

  4. Eh…Larocca’s art…Urgh..

  5. That is a ridiculous design.  I don’t believe this for a minute. After months of Osborn looking like Iron Man draped in a flag, there’s no way anyone would do it again with a more menacing looking suit.  

  6. Detroit Steel sounds like a porn name

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Roxy, about today’s shoot…have you had a tatanus shot lately?" 

  8. @oldmanlogan88: LMFAO! First thing I thought.

  9. "I’m mad!"

  10. Reppin the D. shit yeah.

  11. really?

  12. This looks pretty good to me. Iron Man needs to go up against a big old armored symbol of America ……….Oh wait he just did that in Seige.


    Well this is different.

    Oh well I will buy it just because Tony is awake now. It’s getting better, right?

    TELL ME IRON MAN IS GETTING BETTER…..PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. damn. Now I have to read this again

  14. This sounds like an April Fools… mostly because of the name. Detroit Steel? Really? Plus, if you were really trying to get a brand going/launch a new marketing gimmick to sell this guy, I think you’d want to avoid associating yourself with Detroit. (Sorry, Detroit, I really am.)

  15. I can’t help but think of Steel from JLA Detroit

  16. If it is an April Fools, then it’s a joke they’ve been seeding for about three months worth of solicits.

  17. I think it is sweet.  Did anyone listen to the report,  I am pretty sure Fraction meant for it to be over top and dripping with cheese.  Sounds like NASCAR version of an Iron Man loaded with ads and PR power.

  18. Does Detroit even make steel anymore?  Does Detroit make anything?  I’m sure the city would love to have Stark or Hammer industries.  Your Universe?

  19. The original title was Bethlehem Steel, which didn’t take.

  20. Is that true?  That is kind of funny…  I have family near Bethlehem.  The steel mills are all closed there and are being converted into Casinos.  I hear they are pretty fun.

  21. @josh lol

  22. Steve McNiven’s art on NEME-sis looks like Larocca’s art on IIM to me.

  23. Firepower III?

  24. C’Mon Son!

    Wtf- it’s like Matt Fraction is the most talented fan ficition writer on AngelFire now.

    His stories have been slowly getting worse and worse and less and less buyable and now this?  We’re all afraid to say it- but his ideas are — Stucking to Suck.

     No joke.

  25. Tell me what specifically sucks about this.

  26. Also, tell me how you can measure the suck with this little info.

  27. Example his work with the X-men

    1.  He forms the X-Club some of the most brilliant scientific minds around- who can’t figure out how to keep an island a float? The people who create wormholes in their back yard- who recently just got back from time travelling–Improbable at best and maybe a little lazy. I get it he wants to convey a sense of real every day issues to stuggle with.  But come on – Namor swoops in and is like why don’t you just build a base under it?  Why indeed.

    2.  Kitty is stuck on that space bullet for how long>? Noone– No one can figure out how to save her?  He writes Reed Richards into shrugging his shoulders at the problem- The guy who routinely out thinks Galactus.  But Magneto can meditate on a mountain top and reach out into space and just grab it with a nose bleed?  Again improbable.

    I think if you want interpersonal interactions – Fraction is your guy- if you want "Science" fiction which is the area he is charged with at the moment then I am not seeing a whole lot of substance playing out. Don’t write a more complex puzzle than you have a solution for.

    And yeah- Detroit Steel?  

    Really?  Really?

    So soon off the Iron Patriot- No thanks.


    WOuld you like a few more examples- or can I assume I have made my point?

  28. I get your point, it’s valid. However, you gave examples from other books that don’t relate to this here. I’m assuming you mean Fraction is a shoddy writer thus this idea is shoddy.

    I’m arguing that you judge this idea unfairly. This does not mean that in this case. We see 4 panels and an elevator pitch. You’re either intrigued or indifferent, that’s about as much as one can be based on such little data.

    I guess I’m somewhat irked at the occasional arbitrary "this sucks", unless it’s done ironically or otherwise cleverly.

    No big deal really. Personally, the "what happens when stark tech gets privatized" pitch intrigues me as I haven’t read that sort of Iron Man story yet.

  29. You are definitley right – I haven’t read this story.  It is a bit irresposible to just throw it out there like that.  But I am basing it on recent history and I am definitely Not saying Fraction is shoddy. 

    I am saying that I think we are seeing where his limitations are.

    Based on a significant period of writing at this point I do not think that Tech writing is his strong suit.  And as much as I have enjoyed the character dev of Tony Stark – it’s an Iron Man title.  Like writing a great Bruce Wayne but having litte to say about detective work and ass kicking for Batman.


    And it was more of "starting to suck" as an expresion of frustration .

     I feel like we have seen the privatization angle many times.  More or less the same end result with the armor wars and the politcal appropriation of his suit as Iron Patriot.  Seems like just another case of Stark’s tech in the wrong hands.  But we will see.

    But come on man- the name withought a doubt- no sarcasm- Detroit Steel?  Is this X-men 2099

    That Does suck.

  30. I see nothing inherently tacky in the name. But that’s just me. Seems you have more history with this character and writer than I do.

    So far, I’m still into this. Perhaps time will change this…

  31. @ericmci I agree.  This def sounds like a plot we have already read in Iron Man.  Why not call it Cleavland Crusher, the Pittsburgh Power House, or the Nascar Banality.  

  32. So- how about now?

     People ready to admit that this does in fact – Suck ?

  33. Admit?

  34. The story has barely started. Plus it’s not really a "villain" perse, but a concept to throw strife into Tony’s life. So no, there’s not enough information to say it sucks yet, but if that’s your thing, have at it.

  35. Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian but I don’t see what some find tacky in this character…

  36. i was really hoping it would be a giant American SUV robot…would be pretty sick with an Escalade power badge thing in its chest.