New iFanboy T-Shirt: FEAR AGENT from Jerome Opena and Rick Remender


The next T-Shirt in the iFanboy Creator Original line of T-Shirts comes from one of our favorite comic book series, FEAR AGENT by Rick Remender, Tony Moore and Jerome Opena.  For this limited edition T-Shirt, we're lucky to have a never before seen piece of art from Jerome Opena, showing Fear Agent main character Heath Huston taking a break after taking down a nasty alien.  This is the first and only Fear Agent T-Shirt ever, so you're going to want to make sure you order yours now.



Like our previous shirts, BATTLEPUG, HURM,  and Power/Responsibility T-Shirts, FEAR AGENT is available in the iFanboy Store and we've opened it up for pre-orders.  This will be a LIMITED print run, so be sure to order today and reserve your t-shirt before they sell out!

We told you that 2010 would be bringing some great new T-Shirts, and we're unbelievably psyched to give you this shirt of one of the best characters in indie comics!  Stay tuned because we've got some other great t-shirts lined up for later this year. But for now…


  1. Awesome!!

    I’m pretty sure I need that Shirt.

  2. Aww! Very Very nice.

    You guys should have statement tees!

    ex: I approve of cat face beast.  

  3. just pre-ordered it i cant WAIT to get it!!

  4. Nice!

  5. Hot dog!

  6. Just pre-ordered mine… awesome shirt


  7. Does in come in XXXXXL?

  8. *Does it*

  9. I’ve never read fear agent, but I think this t-shirt looks great! might have to order one…

  10. Looks awesome.  I want to pre-order it.  Do these tend to run big or would a large be similar to a large Hanes t-shirt? 

    Man, that question sounds lame… 

  11. would be even more awesome if it had or something to that effect on the back…

  12. @ifanboy:


    Hiya fellas.  does the one time shipping cost mean per order, or does one time mean for an order and future orders?


    thanks fellas

  13. Automatic Pre-order

  14. @neb – we don’t actually know how the shirts run yet, we’re shooting for "normal" every time we order

    @Rjspring – the back of the shirt does have an iFanboy logo

    @UncleBob – one time shipping cost per individual order.  

  15. This looks pretty cool! My birthday is coming up. I should treat myself.

    Now, I would really love a shirt by Art Baltazar and/or Franco Aureliani. Now this might not be far fetched a concept as you might think! Art has a iFanboy sticker inside his art pencil case. (I saw it last year at the Emerald City Comic-Con.)  If you had a shirt by those guys, and I would buy at _least_ one for me and my daughter. (She loves Tiny Titans and Billy Batson.)

    And again as I’ve mentioned in the past, if any of these shirts were to have a pocket in them, then I would order a ton. (Ton = 3?, perhaps 5?) I need a pocket to hold my iTouch as I listen to the show. 

    Again, nice score on artist here!

  16. You guys ship to germany?

  17. I’ve in in the market for a new t-shirt and this one seems a good fit for me. How soft is the cotton blend? will the graphics make me sweat more in that area? All kidding aside, yeah, I’m getting one. Awesome you guys got to make this sort of deal with original art and characters. Keep’em coming, if sales permit them.

    PS. I also gotta order the trades too, don’t wanna be a poser you know. The last thing I wanna be is a comic geek/ nerd that’s in it just for the girls.

     ; )

  18. @Bendrix – we do ship to Germany.

  19. @Ron – excellent, one shirt coming my way then!

  20. ooooo….that’s a shirt I want.

  21. @ Ron~  Thanks!  I got my pre-ordered today.  This will be a most awesome shirt.


  23. Any thoughts out having an iFanboy ball cap? I’d buy one.

  24. just ordered mine.

  25. Mine came in the mail today – it looks GREAT!!  And I love the little iFanboy logo on the back.