New CONAN THE BARBARIAN Trailer, Now with More Swords, More Sorcery, Less Eyebrows

The earlier teaser trailer for August's Conan the Barbarian flick offered little in the way of visuals and a voice over approximation of the Ultimate Warrior. Now we've got an official trailer with oodles of hacking and slashing. There's also a nice ratio of swords to sorcery as well as swords to sandals. The grime glistens and the gristle…well, that glistens too. I'm seeing flaming pitch, a giant tentacled creature, and dirt devils. And Rose McGowan is sans eyebrows. I think we're in good shape. 


This looks like a rollicking Saturday matinee, leaning closer to the barbaric yawp than the barbaric yawn side of the Visigoth equation. But don't take my word for it. 


Conan the Barbarian, starring Jason Mamoa, Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Ron Perlman, and a whole lot of perspiration, gallops into theaters on August 19th. Just in time for my birthday the very next day! 


  1. Looks good, still not entirely sure about Mamoa but it certainly looks better than I thought it was going to… 

  2. Little more excited after seeing Jason Mamoa on Game of Thrones. And if this is just full of R rated ass kickery. it could be all right. The main hitch is Marcus Nispel who… can… at times have some weird shot choices. But overall this looks all right. 

  3. Looks like a Conan movie, which is a good thing. Interesting that, at least according to Rachel Nichols, they’re going with the late night talk show host pronounciation of Conan.

  4. I agree with those above, looks pretty good.  I did chuckle when Mamoa did that same jump-punch that he did in every Stargate Atlantis episode.

  5. No Arnold cameo? Awww…

    It looks like this film will actually have Conan uttering more than 5 lines of dialogue.  That’s at least promising — I think.

  6. I’m looking forward to this. I was trying to find a word to best describe it, and Paul you hit the nail on the head with Saturday Matinee.

    I think it will be a good revenge piece, with some great action and nice fantasy set pieces.

    The trailer didn’t concentrate on long action sequences, just glimpses here and there. HAs me wondering if that was a decision to get people interested or becuase the big action scenes aren’t extensive, and would have liked a bit more focus on Conan.

  7. Yeah, this looks much better now that I’ve seen more footage.

  8. My birthday is the 19th! In preparation I am reading Del Ray’s trade-paperback collection of KULL! BTW, future happy birthday, fellow Leo.


  9. @JamesSeals  @Paul – My birthday is the 19th  Happy future birthday boyz

  10. I didn’t know they were making a sequal to the Scorpion King.

  11. I *love* Jason Momoa.

  12. I’m in.

  13. It looks terrible. In a really good way. I will watch this and enjoy it, but not admit it to anyone. Not even myself.

  14. I think it looks a helluva lot better than Green Lantern and Thor. Just saying. 

  15. When i saw the teaser trailer, I thought they probably didn’t show anything because what they had was most likely horrible and they were trying to avoid showing it. But that actually looked like a damn fun movie.